Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So this photographer cat named Eric

really got photos of my Summerstage escapade @ the Seun Kuti/Afrika Bambaataa show on Sunday!!! Like furreal, on the humble, this internet is something else! All you gotta do is google sumn, and you end up finding folk you had no idea you were looking for, or no idea they were looking for you! So, okay, I wasn't lookin for Eric the Photog, and had no idea anyone would've inadvertently been posting pics of me, BUT folx have been asking, "So WHERE are the pics??? Did you take any pics????" And of course I didnt have any! I barely decided to go to the concert at the last minute, and knew had to leave early! I wasn't hardly thinkin bout no pictures! :) Anyway.....

Ladies and gents, (or lady and gent, since I seriously doubt more than two people are even reading this :) I give you the only two pics I am aware of that feature my 15 SECONDS of fame on Central Park's Summerstage!


Chick Brought on Stage photo 1


Chick Brough on Stage photo 2

okay.. i just have the links cause apparently this is some high-tech-non-right'click'photo'jacking website for professionals.... hahahhahahhahah but this'll do.

meanwhile... first Daddy's poem, now surfacing pics.. This is really making my week!


So, Eric the Photog, just emailed me back with the jpegs! and a nice lil message:

"hilarious. glad i asked! don't know if you were able to cop the pics from the page, so here ya go....

(and now that "chick brought on stage" has a name, i'll update the caption.) ;-)

nice job, by the way. you looked right at home up there.


HILARITY! I love my life....

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Eric said...

you're right about this internet. i found your blog because i was googlin' around to see if anybody wrote about the show. when i read your post, i thought, "hmmmm...i should see if she's the one in the pics." and sho' nuff....too funny.

just sent you the actual pic files so you can add them directly into your blog, if you'd like.

Eric the Musician (who happened to have his camera with him that day)