Monday, July 07, 2008

now, THESE are the days I live for!!

How is it that I'm the one to get chosen to come up and dance with Afrika Bambaataa and the Universal Zulu Nation on Central Park's Summerstage????!!!!!! Out of, and in front of THOUSANDS of peoples from all over the globe who call New York City their home, here I was on stage shaking a mean tailfeather to Fela Kuti'nem while the Godfather of Hip-Hop got funky fresh on the turn tables. It was funny how it happened.. They'd called for ladies to come up on stage anyway, but it's not easy or advisable to get up on the Summerstage because of the gate railing between where photographers shoot and the actual stage area. Especially where I was standing, there wasn't any openings. But I DID have room to get my groove on down where I was standing on the lawn, which is what i most often do in most cases! So when they started calling "Let's get some beautiful ladies on stage to dance.." people were like "Go!! You should go!! GO!" and I'm lookin like, "Ummm there's no way for me to even get up there. I'm not going, I'm cool! YOU GO!" But folk wouldn't let up and on stage they were beckoning for me to come... so I hopped my behind up on the rail and into the security's arms so he could bring me over to the other side! AND IT WAS ON! I ran up to the stage and looked out into the crowd like "YOOOOOOO THERE'S A WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE OUT THERE!!!!!" and did what I was called to do, I got my GROOVE ON!!! So there were a few more chicks that came up, one was Nigerian, and I can't remember the ethnicities of the other two, but we had a mad cultural vibe goin on up there! Me and Nigeria got into a collaborative groove winding waists and arms synchronized up around are heads, so I moved towards the back to be closer to where she was dancing, but one of the dudes grabbed me to come back closer to the front edge of the stage again! So I did my best to engage the crowd a lil bit more, swinging hips, big smiles and a black power fist, but I couldn't tell if they were diggin it or wondering what the hell i was doing up there!!! I didn't care though, that joint was FUN, FUN, and FUN. When I came back, the Nigerian lady next to me (Seun Kuti, son of Fela, was the headliner) said she was convinced I was Ibo! What else is new!!!! I been hearing this for years! hhahahaha

So I totally haven't decided what my July challenge will be, BUT if I come up short, I think DANCING on Central Park's historic Summerstage with an icon like Afrika Bambaataa qualifies as the carpe diem type of experiences I'm looking to have each month!!!!

When I called my mom, she reminded me that this was not the first time some random caper of good fortune had found me at Summerstage... Four years ago, I was at a Lyfe Jennings Summerstage performance, up in the front as usual, against the rail enjoying the show. And he starts telling this anecdote about some beef he had with the concert producers; apparently they'd disrespected him in some form or fashion, so much so he decided that rather than taking the payment they were offering him to do the show, he was gonna take the money and disperse it among his adoring fans!! (if I remember there was some mention of telling him he was GOING to do something because "We're PAYING YOU to do this....") Well, I can't say that i was then, nor am I now an adoring fan of Lyfe Jennings- HOWEVER, I WAS in prime position to capitalize on his generous display of hurt feelings that afternoon... Before you knew it, this brotha was throwing out $1 $5 and maybe $10 bills by the fistfulls! If I'd known better I would've gotten my butt out of the way because people started going IN trying to grab the cash that was littering the air and ground! It was free for all, get what you can pandemonium! But I didn't know any better.. and I think I ended up with about $75 in $1s and$5s bulging out of my pockets!!! There I was, once again hanging over the rail, tryin to get security to help me grab money in the now empty photographers pit! CUH-RAZY! I tell you... I ain't never been a bigger fan of Lyfe Jennings than on THAT AFTERNOON!!! I think I ended up going to get a pedicure then paid Con-Edison or my cell phone bill with the rest!!! hahahhaha Thanx, Lyfe!

whew! in other news......
so i finally decided to tell the cutey-patooty concierge (at the hotel where the little Thai-Aussie i babysit for stays) that i think he is "sooooo handsome" (i said this with a big goofy grin, of course!) and when i say SO HANDSOME, i mean "Okay, so what magazine ad, commercial and/or calendar are you featured in???" handsome. HAND-SOME, like, gimme SOME of yo' HAND handsome!!! (okay, that was mad corny but FUNNNNNYYYY to ME!) MMMmmmmMM that man is handsome! HAHHAHAHHAHAH... and NO, that doesn't mean that I think any less of my handsome sugarlee, i just ain't seen him in a while and am taking the advice of some of my girlfriends to keep it light and fun with whoever's around til the one you want comes around. so yeah, we got to talkin, like we always do when I'm leaving the hotel, and decided to finally exchange info... and maybe go to dinner, we'll see! he's haitian and has a last name that rhymes with "Adieu!" hahahhah

BUT I'm not gonna start swooning over him (yet, anyway). I do not believe that the adventures of sugarlee and flymai have run its course just yet! As Mary said, "You gotta believe... you gotta believe... you gotta believe in meee!!!" (although, that was Mary and K-Ci... so maybe that's not the best quote to add here!) :)



Charles Perkins said...

Oh! How She Danced

Oh! How she danced into the night
As if she sprouted wings and then took flight
She leapt and spun across the stage
While the band, in rhythm, played and played

The crowd kept urging her on and on
As they swayed with the music becoming one
Their energy spurred her to move and move
As she danced, she brought them into her groove

Her mind in tune with every note
Her winding body just seemed to float
As she moved and danced each step with ease
The cheers of the crowd showed they were pleased

With sheer joy she stepped and whirled
As the band members shouted “Do it, Girl”
With sheer joy she danced and danced
With sheer joy she had taken her chance

Oh! How she danced into the night
As if she sprouted wings and then took flight
She leapt and spun across the stage
While the band, in rhythm, played and played

Eric said...

hey Ladylyfe...

i was at that Seun Kuti show, too. such a fantastic day in the park. i took lots of pics...did i catch you when you were on stage??

Kathryn Johnson said...

I saw Seun Kuti last year so I know all that shakin' was warranted! Glad to hear you are enjoying your summer!

Barbara Perkins said...

Hi Doll,

Glad you enjoyed the concert! You are your Daddy's child in poetry and dance skills. Keep on expressing yourself!