Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my interview went very well.

so. once again. i am embarking on the possibilities of starting a new career. from the beginning. the very beginning. what will entail uncompromising commitment. years of commitment. years. before you even, reportedly, can be considered being good at your craft, three to five years will pass. and not only is there this incremental measure of progress (in sometimes the most dire of environments and situations), but there will be severe/intense study, both Master's level course work and hands on training, that will take two to three years to complete. in my limited scope of envisioning how life will unfold in this intense field, i can foresee committing to five years max. my mom, however, is ever the optimist suggesting that i may like it and find a home for the next thirty years. i'm sure (i say, in jest.) the truth is, it's hard for me to wrap my mind around the next three to five years, let alone the next THIRTY! Sheesh. All i know about thirty years from now is that i'll be 59. Which is a good age to be. i look forward to it, i just can't see WHAT life will be like at 59. no clue. Even 39... shoot, 30! NEXT YEAR, what am i gonna be doin??? well, if i'm accepted into the Fellowship and forge on into the family business, i at least know what i'll be doing through age 32. beyond that.... sky's the limit. word.

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