Thursday, July 17, 2008

life as a student

So it's been over two years since I've been up to my OTHER Alma Mater, Sarah Lawrence's campus, but I was in immediate need of some transcripts so I figured I'd pick them up since I was overdue for a visit. Now, the thing about Sarah Lawrence is that because of it's liberal arts immersion learning philosophy, you can end up passing a class without knowing what your actual letter grade is, or better yet GRADUATE without knowing what your exact grade point average is. Oh, grant it, you will be fully aware of your status and standing in a particular class and whether you're in danger of not passing because each student is required to meet with professors and instructors every other week. Mandatory teacher conferences, outside of class and study time, really enforces your natural student ability to excel in that class and also increases the chances you WILL pass if you are struggling in a particular subject matter. It's very one and one and can be intense. But if you show up, do the work, meet with your instructors each week, and participate in the class discussions, you will pass.

So! All that to say, I knew I was doing well, I knew which class (there was one) I struggled a bit with, and I knew that I passed everything with flying colors in order to graduate in the spring of 2006. What I had no idea of, until I actually called the Registrars office a while back, that my cumulative GPA was a WHOPPING 3.9!!!!! 3.9! I've never been THAT GOOD A STUDENT!! That's Summa Cum Laude! That's high honors right there!!!!! (The P's are "Pass", btw!)

So yeah, I finally got the paper in hand to prove it (to myself anyway, because in undergrad I had a 3.2 which is not nearly HIGH honors-- though I did get a nice "regular" honors metal thats hanging next to my graduation Kinte cloth that say "Howard University Class of 2000"!)

Meanwhile, the nostalgic Metro North train ride and walk up the neighborhood hills in Bronxville onto campus brought back an onslaught of precious student memories that further prove why I need to find a home IN ACADEMIA. I LOVE COLLEGE CAMPUSES. I'm comfortable there. I love the mere opportunities for life-changing-learning that exists on all campuses all over the world. I long for the days of my time spent at The Mecca (Howard, for those who don't know.) I know there are so many things I did not take full advantage of, and I often entertain the idea that I will one day go back and study again and/or teach there. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, I love school. I love being a student. Haven't exactly caught the teaching bug, but it is the family business and a road that seems destined. My ever-amorphous plan (as of today) is to get this free Master's degree in Education, and start off teaching the babies (K-2nd) for a while (OR MAYBE HS English....?), then possibly on to a doctorate and into college level teaching.

Who in the heck knows. You know I don't! But I do know that I love school as much as I love live music and beaches (every aug and sept I get a little envious of the students I know are buying new notebooks and registering for classes!) So I can't be done yet!

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