Wednesday, June 11, 2008

so is it totally trife

that i spent a good portion of the day in the splendid company of the man that i now consider my sweetheart, and who lovingly calls me his, all the same (though we have not mutually laid exclusive claim to one another)

and then spent a few unexpected bonus hours in the company of the man that i [at one time] loved as a sweetheart (yet understand that he was not then, nor is he now interested in exclusive claim to one another... well, fwiw, anyone)?


i suppose that's the grand thing about being "single", the fact that there is no feeling of guilt or accountability when time is spent in the company of another person who is not the central (amorous) figure in one's life. it's that in between stage where you want that person in your life but you're still "single" when it comes to spending any time with someone else. (it's a grey area that's worked in my favor today, though it is not my immediate intention to spend the next few seasons in the "affectionate-friends-we haven't really said we're exclusive" zone.)

although, let the record show that my feelings would indeed be HURT if i came to find out that my currentloveinterest (delightfuLee) was spending quality time with someone else that was not, in fact, ME. trifling, i know (it's the Aries in me.) how'sen'ever, with him being a military cat and all, i suppose we're operating under that don't ask don't tell system... or sumn like that. (NAW SCRATCH THAT, my dude AIN'T gay. though i did ask if he's with other women when he's not with me, cause we only have time to meet up but so often, and he lives so far.... so you wonder.... but he said that he was not.. so, yay.)

in any regards, i find it interesting how though feelings of love fade (i suppose), ATTRACTION does not. it is REAL, alive and it does not die. moving forward, should things continue to move forward between sweetLee and flyMai, and he really be on some- i don't want you to see other cats- or however it goes, then i suppose that's the point when you curtail entertaining questionably affectionate activities with other folk (however sporadic that may be.....)

so. yeah.

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