Wednesday, June 18, 2008

so i'm totally not mad at the Celtics...

for blowing the back out of the Los Angeles Lakers. They came THROUGH tonight, if I do say so myself, and I'm happy for Paul, Kevin, Ray and ole Doc Rivers (who, if I'm not mistaken, is the first black coach to win a NBA World Championship????) Kudos, Black Men! [Fist in the air!]

In other news, I managed my June Challenge this past evening, taking my very first Ballroom Dance class at Arthur Murray Dance Studio on 57th Street in New York City. Turns out one of their teachers, though not the one I had, actually danced during the US Dancing With The Stars Tour, while another one competed in "So You Think You Can Dance". Grant it, I don't watch either of those shows and have been more drawn to the idea of ballroom dancing from watching the old techni-color movie classics and catching the occasional Championship Ballroom Dancing competition on PBS over the years. Anyhoo, since money is low, I knew I needed to find a desirable activity that would be easy on my pockets (flying trapeze is going to cost a pretty penny that i don't have available at the moment! but SOON come..... meanwhile, I say that each month!!!) Yesterday, it turns out that I found a free class coupon on the Arthur Murray website and danced my way into their studio right on time! (actually i was about 30mins late, but you get my point!)

So, of course my teacher John was a lil light in the britches as well as on his feet, but he was mad cool and encouraging. We started off "walking as if we were walking down 57th street" just to get a feel of my gait. Then we went backwards and stepped to the side, front side, back. This, my friends, was the basic step to the Waltz and the Foxtrot! I got it right away, and though I wasn't floating quite like Belle or Cinderella, I got my One-two-three, One-two-three on just right! And then we added the turn and it was all I could do to keep from thinking i was all kinds of the bomb! But in reality, it's all very simple if you ask me. I went on to do a light lesson in Rhumba, Salsa, Samba, and it seems one or two more that I can't exactly remember during the 40min lesson. And John was impressed with my natural ability to pick up the moves and turns as easily as I did. But I mean, i dance. It's what I do. I may not be the best, I never try to be, but I AM a natural dancer. I was born to dance, and as long as I breathe I will dance. Who knows if I will be a champion ballroom dancer like on TV, although that would be a dream to be able to compete. But competing is not really a part of my personal history (there were the few oratoracle and essay writing contests when I was a young, but physical competition... can't say that I've ever done that.)

In an unrelated thought, or maybe it is relevant, I'm reading C. Vivian Stringer's (Award-winning Coach of Rutger's Women Basketball Team) memoir, Standing Tall, and soaking in her words about what it has meant for her to be a driving and molding force to her girls on and off the court, and I'm a bit jealous that I never got to (read: was never interested in) play on a sports team and experience what she has reflected on. I mean, you know, it's too late now, at least in terms of experiencing it as a youth, I'm almost 30 for goodness sakes! but I think I have resolved that if I have a child(ren), it will be a must that they develop a sense of themselves through participating in sports (as well as academically and spiritually.) Basketball, track, softball, soccer, dance, gymnastics, chess! Some of the above, ALL of the above, SUMN! :) Okay, so it's a little early to be thinking of such things, especially when I've called myself --in recent years-- being increasingly more undecided about even having children. But, you know, it's probably the inevitable, and it's cool to think about what your kids will become with the right type of nurturing and opportunities. My dad always says that I will be the things that he never was, and I feel the same about the kids I not even sure I want to have! Like, when I see how talented my circle of influence is, my brothers from another mother, the Nate Jones's and Joseph Webb's and Rogiers's and Jesse Fischer's, I often think, JUST WAIT til I have a kid so that Uncle [fill in the blank] can teach him everything they know!!!!! Who knows what'll happen, but it's a great thought that makes me all warm inside.

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