Sunday, June 22, 2008


okay... by "Ro-ro" I mean one of my favorite people in the world who's become like a brother from another mother in the past year or two, the sickeningly talented (and funny to boot) Rogiers, and by "OkayPlayer thumbs up" I mean the premiere website for all things soulfully dope dug his new debut album in a real way... Okay, playa! That's what's up, and not at all a surprise.. the joint BEEN the bomb! It's just nice to receive the accolades of your peers. Godwilling this will further increase album sales and touring opportunities. I just can't believe (out of all the glowing things they had to say) they had the nerve to clown one of my favorite songs on the album, "Home" featuring Brotha Webb, but they did shine the light on my ABSOLUTE favorite cut on the joint, "Come When You Call"!!!!

anyway, check out the review here and cop yo' copy of Ro's Life & Music: All of It right'chere!!!!

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