Thursday, June 12, 2008

revisiting texting

"never mind i had a hundred and two questions after the fact, and ended the conversation with the text 'we need to speak face2face..." --from the previous post.

so, trip! here i go sending texts like "sweetheart, when you're available i'd love to meet up for a face2face" and thinking we'd get around to meeting up sometime over the weekend....

and i let it be. went out for my day, doing my thing. so here i am going to the post office to mail off my Father's Day card when i decided to return my mom's phone call. I had intentions to get back on the A train once I finished speaking to her, transfer to the F and go on out to Prospect Park where Isaac Hayes was doing a free concert in the park bandshell. Anyway, me and my moms get into this long convo about the latest drama in the family, so i stand around on 32nd and 8th for a while before finally deciding to just walk to the F train @ 6th Avenue which would take me to the park in Brooklyn. So I'm taking my time walking and talking, and get to 6th Ave then decide that I'm still not ready to get off the phone and keep walking downtown on 6th.

and to show you how steps just be ORDERED out this piece,

here i am runnin my mouth walking down 6th and WHO DO I WALK RIGHT INTO walking UP 6th???? my sweetsugarLee! yessir, i sho' did!!!! i wasn't quite sure it was him, cause why in the world would i, being in new york city, just randomly walk INTO the person that i was needing to speak to??? i imagined that i was seeing a cartoon mirage of him or like, i was seeing his image on another person like how they do in the sitcoms and then you shake out of it and you realize it's in fact not the person... LOL. so, i promptly ended the convo with my mom as he's also registering that it is, in fact, ME! we greet in a series of "OH MY GOD, BABY! WHAT?!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!!" back and forth, smiles, hugs, kisses and amazement! We both had no intentions of finding ourselves on 6th Ave, and definitely weren't planning to see one another today, and here we were, grinning at one another :)

So yeah, i hit him with the "So you know God let us run into one another so we can talk, right!"

and we talked. and walked and talked and smiled...
and it was good.

that magnetic attraction is real, yo.
i can't wait to see if we remain connected.

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