Friday, June 13, 2008

it's been a good week....

i mean, i can't say that anything significant has taken place... i'm still struggling, still need more money... (can't complain, but i can certainly upgrade!)

but it was a GOOD week.

i started off being blessed with a ticket to see Laurence Fishburne in Thurgood, a one-man Broadway show about the life and times of Chief Justice Marshall, set at our Alma Mater, Howard University.

i saw the legendary Isaac Hayes and Mavis Staples on the New York City summer concerts in the parks scene... (this week was the official kickoffs for Park Slope Bandshell and Central Park Summerstage!)

i hosted two dear friends who needed to rest their weary heads for a few nights (think of how much money i'd make if i started charging fools to stay on my air mattress & futon though!)

i saw the man, that i spent many days loving, for just a few hours, and it was nice, felt good, cause i like him still, just as he is [and always will.]

i saw the man, that i hope to spend many days loving, the day after he returned from his monthly military drill (because he said I AM the first person he wanted to see!) for an afternoon/evening of sweet sweetness by the water, then turned around and ran into him on the street two days later in time for a nice lil heart2heart we needed to have.

and i got a call from my high school homegirl Monica for another museum workshop gig in CT next weekend. that should be nice and they always pay well and send black car service, so i'll feel like VIP when i roll out!

unfortunately, i did not get a job with the New York Times paying upwards of $25/hr that i was really hoping and praying to be hired for. but you know.... life goes on. and life is good.

and it will only get better.

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