Thursday, June 12, 2008

i'm just wondering

like, when did text messaging become the ACCEPTABLE standard of communication?

.....i guess when the persons texting the communication LET IT.

i've gotten "i miss you's", "are you free to hang out's", "i'm sorry's"
i've sent "i miss you's", "i'd love to see you's", and "i'm sorry's"
i accept "how's my baby doing today?" with the colon/parenthesis happy face as a thoughtful gesture of "oh wow, he's thinkin of me!" in that moment, but a realist would probably think-- he'd rather text than CALL to see how i am....? (i gotta be finding the silver-lining in EVERYTHING...)

i've even texted entire conversations that very well AT THE LEAST should've taken place via a phone call, yet accepted --and perhaps even preferred-- the indirect directness of getting/receiving it in 160 characters or less. (never mind i had a hundred and two questions after the fact, and ended the conversation with the text "we need to speak face2face...")

so i mean, i'm not hating on the Text Message means of communicating. I realize it's necessity and it's detriment. It makes us lazy and devalues taking the extra measure to keep the verbal communication flowing (which, sadly enough should NOT be an extra measure), but at the same time can keep you connected to people without wasting your minutes! I actually lowered my minutes and increased my text package a few months ago. And it's worked to my benefit in some regards. But certainly there are some things that don't need to go out via text, no matter how easy it is to rationale sending the text just to "start the convo."

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