Sunday, June 15, 2008

a note from Daddy

Hey Lady,

I was just thinking…Father’s Day is coming. When I was a kid, Father’s Day never really meant anything to me since I didn’t have a father to share it with. I never even gave the day a second thought. When I became a father, first with Marcus and then with you, the day took on a new meaning, a new focus for me. For me, it has never been about you and Marcus showing your appreciation for me. Although, I have always enjoy your sentiments. The day has always served to remind me of how grateful, honored and proud I am to have the two of you in my life. I have watched you continually grow into a strong, beautiful and talented Christian woman. You continue to overcome obstacles and move forward. I have watched Marcus overcome a wayward thinking by renewing his mind with the Word of God to become a strong Christian man.

I am not concerned with the circumstances that you are both in right now. Circumstances change all of the time. They are good today, bad tomorrow and good the next day. That’s just life. How you deal with the changes in life is what makes you or breaks you. You both have good character and integrity. You both are compassionate people. You are both, in your own unique ways very talented people. And most importantly, you both love the Lord.

As a father, you always want to leave something to your children. You got my creative nature and Marcus got my love of sharing the Gospel. I know that you will both go further in life with those gifts than I will and that pleases me to no end. Whatever wisdom I have gained over the years, I share with you so that you can use it as a starting point and go forward. And, hopefully, your lives will be at least as blessed as mine has been as a result of having you in it.

I love you. I love Marcus. So, Father’s Day for me is a day about reflecting on that love and thanking God for blessing me with the two of you.


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