Wednesday, May 21, 2008

two fine arts degrees + one master's of science (should) = a nice paying stable career!

i'm tired of being an under-employed writer/artist. i'm tired of looking for office jobs that drive me cuckoo4cocoapuffs. i'm tired of being stuck in the middle of wanting to go back to school but not knowing what practical doctoral program would be of interest (i mean, furreal, what am i gonna do as an ethnomusicologist??? sounds like sumn i'd do, but geez i can't figure out what i'd do!) i pray for the Lord's direction. everyday. and in expecting to be led, i came across an article listing the top career choices for women. on that list was the profession of LIBRARIAN. years ago, once I completed my BFA from Howard, i thought of being a librarian, and actually had researched the path to becoming one and saw that Laura Bush has (or at that time, had) an initiative to employ more library professionals. i, instead, went to Sarah Lawrence and obtained my Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. as i've continued on my career path, knowing clearly what i don't want to do, Librarianism as a lifestyle has again become of interest (as of tonight to be exact). libraries are a wonderful place. everything you need to know in life is in the library. i've always loved them. even as a child. even today, going to the library is a total treat. the fact that i owe upwards of $30 in fines is no reflection on how much i love this establishment. it seems like the perfect place for a writer, to say the least. not to mention i'm voracious when it comes to information. i appreciate the cultural and artistic opportunities that many libraries (like the Schomburg) represent and house. libraries have great hours (much like schools and government jobs!) you get benefits and paid time off. you get most evenings, many weekends, and all holidays off. there's great cultural and artistic programming produced at the libraries. it seems to be the perfect career move i've been looking for. cause i DO NOT want to go back to the corporate office environment. i dont i dont i dont. DOWN WITH THE 16th FLOOR. anway, in order to be a librarian you have to get a Master's of Science in Library and Information Studies (MSLIS), and it appears to be at your advantage to already hold a Master's degree (score!) AND if you do already have said first Master's degree, you don't have to take the GRE (bonus!)

so, i mean, though this is a thought revisited, this is still all very new. which is why it's 4:51am and i'm still up writing about it! i feel like i did when i decided to apply to Sarah Lawrence though, which means perhaps this is a step in the right direction! too bad i didn't get the epiphany sooner; perhaps i could be starting this fall :( but everything has it's timing. if i start in Jan or next fall, i will be 32 (geez!) by the time i finish the program, which is as good a time as ever to establish a new career..... the good thing is that (i believe- unless it is my misconception) the librarian schedule will still allow me to follow my artistic goals (re: ella(ella ella eh eh eh)/other book projects, music projects, etc), and will probably work to my advantage when i finally start a family of sorts (which the marketing and advertising work environment does, in fact, not!) so, i mean, this is me ATTEMPTING to do that thing that so many others seem to know how to do so well... come up with a five year plan of action... I mean, as of now it's more like a two year plan (apply, get accepted, and complete MSLIS program) and then i can think about the other three in the process... and DEFINITELY come out on the other side up in somebodies library shot-calling! (Can't you see me up in Founders/UGL talkin' bout "Now, what book you lookin' for???? Hmph! I think I checked that out back in 1998!!" :)

in other news, of course i called Daddy immediately to see what he thought, and interestingly enough, he said that becoming a librarian was one of the career moves he'd considered when he stopped playing music in the late 70s/early 80s. me and that dude are so much alike, it's quite funny!

anyway, here's to life taking place, and being free to move about as you please.

God [please continue to] bless this journey i'm on. i can't do it by myself.

in a somewhat related topic, L-boogie (aka Laura Bush, who i was researching cause she has some librarian-education grant funding) married Dub-ya after only three months of courting... man. he -or, better yet- SHE musta really put it down???? there's so much more to say here, but i need to go to bed. it's 6AM now.

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This is the article that had me so excited.