Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mai May Challenge....

...wasn't necessarily as interesting and exhilarating as say hitting up a model call at a top agency... but it was something necessary, that i needed to do, that i've never done before, and that allowed me to see a lot about myself.

So today I had to stand up in the King's County Court of New York City to sue someone for the VERY FIRST TIME.

Talk about nervous.
I'm not a confrontational person.
I don't regularly have to fight personal injustices.
Certainly not by myself. Used to having my support system around.
My mom, dad... somebody.
So goin to court, has been a bit of a coming of age experience for me.
Not knowing what to expect of something that adversely affected me. Believing with my whole heart that I need to right this wrong, with the help of the courts.
Having to come face to face with something/someone i totally didn't feel like confronting.

BUT it needed to be done, and I did it.
this month.

ps.. ALL DAY the theme song to NIGHT COURT was playing in my head....

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