Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mai April Challenge

I'm JUST getting around to documenting my challenge for April's Road To Discovery, but here goes...

So, it wasn't a big grandiose type of EXPERIENCE, but it was in the vein of a quiet challenge to finally do something that I've always wanted to do. So on April 30th, the last day of April 2008, I got up, washed my face, slapped on some light make up and nice low-key outfit, and went to the open call for one of New York City's top modeling agencies, Wilhelmina Modeling Agency! You see, for years now I've been asked by all kind of random people if I model professionally, and I always graciously smile "Thank you, but no..." though I've always thought it would be cool to do so. I've kinda had this idea that if it was meant for me to model professionally I would have gotten DISCOVERED by now. Especially living in LA and NYC and having done some local fashion shoots and photo shoots. But nothing ever really jumped off in my younger years, so I just kinda let it pass as, maybe it wasn't meant to be. Another reason why I never quite pursued it in recent years is because of a not so attractive acne problem I developed since moving to New York City. Yet, as the years have passed, it's a question that constantly comes up from people I meet, "...Do you model?? Are you a professional??"

So.... I finally decided that I would go to a legitimate model open call here in the city where dreams come true, and see whats really good. I'd thought of doing it before, but just kinda let the thought pass. But I finally just took my behind up there on the humble last Wednesday and talked to an agent.

Well, I didn't get discovered, though I didn't just get turned away either... LOL. The agent said that she liked my look, but she was looking for plus sized gurls around size 14, which I am NOT! Who knew I'd be too thin to get discovered by a major agency..... but what I learned is that it wasn't as scary and daunting as I might have thought. And that perhaps, I am the only one stopping me from getting discovered. Like she didn't look me up and down and say, "Gurl PLEASE, you're skin is horrible, you're not the right size, you'll never make it..." She actually recommend two other agencies to check out.... So, I mean!

Cheers to creating new opportunities!! Let's see what happens when I go to the next one!!! :D :D :D

Meanwhile, May's challenge is on deck!!! FLYING TRAPEZE HEAR I COME!!!!

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