Thursday, May 22, 2008

In other news

i ate three slices of cheeze pizza for dinner.
three days ago i hate a half'a pint of butter peecan breyers.

i wonder if my bottom will spread by monday.

i think it's time for a midnight run.
(okay. i'm not really gonna go run right now.
everyone knows i don't run. i could take a walk right now though.
and you know i would if i had someone to walk with.)

i didn't really have that much to eat today,
(had two packs of oatmeal around 4pm as a dreaded 1st meal)
so maybe three slices of pizza weren't such a bad thing.

i need to work on this healthy&structured eating thing.
(although. i do eats me bag'o'apples'n'peanutbutta per week.
need more spinach and omega3s though. i wonder how well that
supergreens mix really works...)

i'm rambling. and nobody is listening.

(it's all good... frasier will be on in 34mins. i was watching a kindred spirit on the tele last weekend, Bridget Jones, and i was reminded that in her infinitely single state she too would spend her evenings watching Fraser. it was almost amusing. I have to remind myself though that i'm not a movie. and my life is not scripted.)

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