Friday, April 25, 2008


(aiight, sis. I ain't forgot about you....)

so I did some perusing, trying to figure out her whole backstory and such; reppin that hard fro, even back when, 1880's steez. I never thought about what sistas would've been doing with their hair back before then. but, i mean it only makes sense that if your crowning glory was meant to grow as big as the sun, or a great-great-big-ole dandelion, then dammit so be it, right?

what i DIDN'T expect, was to find Zumigo all filed away in the Cultural Freaks and Spectacles section of history.

Circassian Beauty, as it was called. Women, sistren and others, with the natural ability and graceful audacity to cultivate a large hairy halo, were lured into (or was it kidnapped into) the traveling circuses and put on display as freakish phenomenon.... and, apparently, um... harlotry.

there's more to day.. but i need to pack.
stay tuned, if you will.

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I came across your blog after reading something posted (images from a collection at Yale: