Tuesday, April 01, 2008

RTDC: ARE YOU DOWN!?!?!!!! (yes YOU!!)

So!! I shared the whole Road To Discovery Challenge idea with a few of you earlier today, and the question came up, "Is this something that's in development or what???"

Here's the backstory!

A few weeks ago I was chatting with the honorable Ralston Smith, founder and co-owner of GlobalEyes Productions, and he told me how he'd made a new year's resolution a few years back to do ONE NEW THING PER MONTH for that entire year. He said he ended up doing so many cool and interesting things (from sky-diving to seeing Jordan play with the Wizards) that it left a significantly meaningful impression on that year! So I DECIDED that even though NYE'08 is long gone, I totally wanted to challenge myself to do one new thing per month, from April 2008 to March 2009! Ralston said he would do it again as well, and suggested we get a group of people together who would be interested in doing this year long challenge, then chronicle it by any means, and have some great content to turn into a television series!!!

AND SO! It was from this wonderful conversation that RTDC came into fruition. As of now, there aren't any immediate plans to start off producing this as a show. HOWEVER, I'm am going forth with my own year's worth of challenges, and want to invite you all to get down as well!!!

I figure if we get enough people across the country/globe to commit to doing one new thing/experience per year and effectively document it along the way, this will turn into an awesome movement that can really BECOME (......fill in the blank!)

RIGHT!! So, here's the deal: If you are DOWN WITH THE GET DOWN then get your April Activity on deck, and once you're ready to EXECUTE make sure to have a camera ready (video/slr/digital/phone/disposable/whateva!) and journal the whole experience!

Let me know what you're planning to do and when it's going down! IF I can be there, then I'll totally come to be a part of the experience!! If not then send me your photos and stories and I'll post it up to a Road To Discovery Challenge website (a blog/myspace/etc that I'll set up for us)!!!!!

So tell your bestfriend or your brother or your moms or mentor or whoever, and let's see where the road ends up taking us....!!!!! (For my 29th birthday this month, mine is finally taking me to the top of Pier 40 to the FLYING TRAPEZE SCHOOL!!!)

onelove, livelife!


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