Sunday, April 06, 2008

i'm expending a lot of creative energy these days..

and it feels good. it feels right. it's inspired. it's supported. it's needed. IT'S TIME.

I went to a children's book writer's workshop yesterday afternoon, so I can get back on point with ELLA... (she's on the way!!!)

Folks are really coming around with my RTD:Challenge initiative:
12 new experiences + 12 months= 1 EXCITING LIFE!
I set up a blog on wordpress and an official group page on The SoJournals.
So now it's just a matter of time before the handful of folk that are diggin the idea to start executing their April Challenges...

I've been officially invited to be a part of the Harlem arts scene by way of a ILLTASTIC lifestyle publication, NAT CREOLE DAILY! ...nat creole magazine features art/culture/life worldwide. And I'm happy to be getting down with their get down.. soon!

And a couple of other opportunities have popped up ever so fortuitously. As one of my sistafriends so poignantly shared with me: "I love the way you are always excited about what God is getting ready to do and not really what necessarily has been done yet...You look forward to life's opportunities and it is that spirit within you that makes you so refreshing." I cain't even help it, dawg... it's just the way I'm wired. And I prefer it that way.

....I seem to always feel like I'm on the PRECIPICE of sum'n. I'm ten days shy of my 29th chapter, and I still feel like I'm ON my way. Not quite there yet, but definitely can see progression in measurable steps. I do my best not to play compare and contrast against the next person's journey. I've often felt like a latebloomer though when it comes to a number of things in the human experience: love, career, simply establishing the foundation of my life in tangible form. The unfolding IS taking it's time. And that's not so bad.


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