Wednesday, April 09, 2008

i walked into a burlesque show...

..on the 2AM Atrain from W4th to Far Rock,
performing in FULL GRANDEUR
with a full audience of THEMSELVES
(full of themselves)
a group of young boys, our boys
that could've been your sons and our brothers,
and maybe one or two gurls, real gurls,
(though all of the boys, interestingly enough, looked like boys)
not older than age 21,
swinging about the pole
(as in on THE POLE)

every pole on the train
hips jutted
arms flailing, wrists limp
sneakered feet in the air

swinging upside down from the hand rails
sashaying up and down the last car of the train
(which was quite empty providing the necessary performance space)
sloppily executing drill team/cabaret/stripper routines
with the savoir faire of, say, Jack McFarland himself
marching about
like that one young man i saw in DC two years ago
the drum major
not the drum major for justice
but the drum major with the high
heeled boots, see-through pants, purple briefs
(with white script across the arse)

and mardi gras mask tilted on the side of his face
whistle clenched between his teeth at the brim of his lips
loudly proclaiming in concert,
what'chall talkin' about... mmmm.. NUTHIN...
-then dropped to a mean chinese split-

(yeah, these boys ain't had NUTHIN on Ms.HIM.
that young la(d)ss was FIEEEEERCE...)

alls i gotta say is...
you ain't seen New York City night life
til you've seen this.

(i shoulda took out my camera and started shooting..
but, you know, it was enough for me to just have a mental shot
of the whole situation. cause i ain't gon' forget.)

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