Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i welcomed my 29th
anniversary of life
whilst listening to the potent Eric Lewis
groove at the Zinc Bar tonight.

now i'm sure you've never heard Eric Lewis play
(or you probably have)
and i'm sure i would be doing a
to try and explain his musical artistry to you.
at the same time
i'd just as soon say
IF he's on deck to play in your hood, THEN GO.
(this seems to be DC or the Village most often)
and i have to say SOMETHING about what you will experience
when you do go to see him.

As he plays, you will FEEL:
A) That you should be giving birth to something or someone.
B) That perhaps you or someone should be giving up the ghost.
C) That you should be preparing to jump out of an airplane (or be on top of a surf board high on an Auckland wave.)
D) Like you could be in a space ship flying either towards or away from the Sun.
E) Like you're listening to a grand chorus of owls and rhinoceroses (or is it rhinoceri?)

And as he plays, you know that:
A) Sitting in a dark bar in the village is just not enough
for what you are witnessing!

I was privileged to be one
in the number

not only did i walk out of there
one year older
but i truly believe i did the most
honorable, commemorative, celebratory thing i could've done
by witnessing Eric play tonight.
I felt like, should I lose my eyesight for any reason
I would do okay to be able to hear this man, this band play again.
and at the same time, i would hope to always be able
to witness what it is he does through my own eyesight.
it's not enough to merely listen.

and then,
as we are a people of call-and-response,
it was all that i could do
to scream
all throughout the set,
giving thanx that my own voice
was available to compliment his.

I spoke to a gentleman from Iceland
at the end of the second set
and the feeling was mutual.
through his broken english, his eyes said it all:
"it's otherwordly the way Eric plays."
and it is.

it's almost as if he were preparing for
the Lord of Hosts himself to come through in a blazing chariot.
it was as if eric were an angel
not one of those white cupid looking cherub angel babies
but an archangel full of power&splendor
in musical majesty!
you feel that Eric Lewis would score
the battle of Armageddon
as well as the dawning of the new heaven and new earth.
he plays with the invocation of something beyond
you believe in the realm of glory outside of the physical.
i would wager money that you've never seen this before.
i, myself, have seen him three times prior to this night,
and i promise each time is like
i've never seen him before.

it's almost scary
because you witness him play
and can't help but think
perhaps, no surely, he's not sane.
you wonder if this is what GENIUS looks like.
you wonder what his brain looks like.
you wonder what he sees as he pounds the keys,
or if it's just too blinding to the sight.
you wonder if his mental composing space
looks mad mathematical,
full of alegbraic and trigonomical equations.
you wonder if his fingers are on
performance enhancers or speed or ginseng or viagra.
you wonder if it's as beautiful and powerful and scary
to him as it is to you.

i don't know him. don't need to know him.
but i would freakin sit at every one of his shows
and just breath it in.
if i could...
(well, if i could find a way to make a living out of it!)

but i'll settle to check him out again
next tuesday.


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Imhotep said...
Might need to cop a cd after that description.

Happy 29th!!!