Tuesday, April 29, 2008

can someone truly miss you?

after only meeting three times (however enchanting each meeting was)?

what is it that they miss exactly?

looking into your eyes?
delicately holding your hand?
slipping their arm around your waist?
trying to steal a kiss?
sitting real real close?
dancing even closer?
the magic in the air?
(and wonderin' if the full moon has anything to do with it...)

can you truly miss them back?

the conversations you've yet to have?
the long walks you hope to take?
the silly jokes you hope to share?
the kisses you hope he'll steal?

can you miss what's yet to develop?
what you hope will develop?
what very well may never develop?

...who in the heck knows... but

i think you're sweet.

& i miss you too.

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