Tuesday, April 29, 2008

can someone truly miss you?

after only meeting three times (however enchanting each meeting was)?

what is it that they miss exactly?

looking into your eyes?
delicately holding your hand?
slipping their arm around your waist?
trying to steal a kiss?
sitting real real close?
dancing even closer?
the magic in the air?
(and wonderin' if the full moon has anything to do with it...)

can you truly miss them back?

the conversations you've yet to have?
the long walks you hope to take?
the silly jokes you hope to share?
the kisses you hope he'll steal?

can you miss what's yet to develop?
what you hope will develop?
what very well may never develop?

...who in the heck knows... but

i think you're sweet.

& i miss you too.

Friday, April 25, 2008

(sigh) not guilty....

my mom just called me from LA to warn me that all of the officers that killed Sean Bell were just acquitted (of all charges- the most minor of which was reckless endangerment).

apparently she remembers what happened
in Los Angeles
sixteen years ago
when the officers were acquitted
of beating Rodney King.

prayerfully, prayerfully. PRAYERFULLY. we won't see the same resounding nightmare reaction of outrage as was seen during the Los Angeles uprising.


(aiight, sis. I ain't forgot about you....)

so I did some perusing, trying to figure out her whole backstory and such; reppin that hard fro, even back when, 1880's steez. I never thought about what sistas would've been doing with their hair back before then. but, i mean it only makes sense that if your crowning glory was meant to grow as big as the sun, or a great-great-big-ole dandelion, then dammit so be it, right?

what i DIDN'T expect, was to find Zumigo all filed away in the Cultural Freaks and Spectacles section of history.

Circassian Beauty, as it was called. Women, sistren and others, with the natural ability and graceful audacity to cultivate a large hairy halo, were lured into (or was it kidnapped into) the traveling circuses and put on display as freakish phenomenon.... and, apparently, um... harlotry.

there's more to day.. but i need to pack.
stay tuned, if you will.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

and for the sneakerfreaks!

While reading a Newsweek interview on the recently named 2008 Pulitzer prize winner, Junot Diaz (the Domican wonderkid who I've had the pleasure to work with at the writer's workshop for people of color VONA a couple of years ago), about life since penning his award-winning debut novel, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao,

i happened into this interesting little article on the history of Adidas and Puma sneaker empire:

A Tale of Two Sneakers
The family fight that created Adidas and Puma.

Adidas and Puma may be among the most recognized brands in the world, but neither might exist if not for a bitter rivalry between two brothers from a little-known village in Germany. In the 1920s, Adolf (Adi) Dassler, a soft-spoken sports fanatic who spent hours working on shoe designs in his workshop, and Rudolf Dassler, a gregarious salesman, started a small shoemaking business in the Bavarian enclave of Herzogenaurach, focusing primarily on hand-sewn athletic footwear. But as their business took off, the two brothers grew increasingly frustrated with each other. They disagreed on everything from politics, the future of the company and one another's choice in wives.

Finally, in the mid-1940s Rudolf left in a huff and set up a rival shop across the river, while Adi remained in the initial plant. His company was renamed Adidas, and in 1948 Rudolf registered his new company, Puma. NEWSWEEK's Jennifer Barrett spoke with Barbara Smit, author of the new book "Sneaker Wars" (Ecco; $26.95), about how a family feud spawned two of the biggest brands in global sports.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

whimsy:29 part deux

jetset johnson: damn gurl, you are sooo cool!! why aren't you married yet????
mai: (smile) only the Lord knows!

conversation while dancing twenty-nine onto the scene!


the honorable champion leemays: i feel in my spirit that i need to explore the possibility
of falling in love with you.
mai: (swoooon) word, brotha! and how often do you feel that in your spirit???

conversation twenty-nine minutes after meeting for the first time.


...i got a feeling twenty-nine is about to get



i welcomed my 29th
anniversary of life
whilst listening to the potent Eric Lewis
groove at the Zinc Bar tonight.

now i'm sure you've never heard Eric Lewis play
(or you probably have)
and i'm sure i would be doing a
to try and explain his musical artistry to you.
at the same time
i'd just as soon say
IF he's on deck to play in your hood, THEN GO.
(this seems to be DC or the Village most often)
and i have to say SOMETHING about what you will experience
when you do go to see him.

As he plays, you will FEEL:
A) That you should be giving birth to something or someone.
B) That perhaps you or someone should be giving up the ghost.
C) That you should be preparing to jump out of an airplane (or be on top of a surf board high on an Auckland wave.)
D) Like you could be in a space ship flying either towards or away from the Sun.
E) Like you're listening to a grand chorus of owls and rhinoceroses (or is it rhinoceri?)

And as he plays, you know that:
A) Sitting in a dark bar in the village is just not enough
for what you are witnessing!

I was privileged to be one
in the number

not only did i walk out of there
one year older
but i truly believe i did the most
honorable, commemorative, celebratory thing i could've done
by witnessing Eric play tonight.
I felt like, should I lose my eyesight for any reason
I would do okay to be able to hear this man, this band play again.
and at the same time, i would hope to always be able
to witness what it is he does through my own eyesight.
it's not enough to merely listen.

and then,
as we are a people of call-and-response,
it was all that i could do
to scream
all throughout the set,
giving thanx that my own voice
was available to compliment his.

I spoke to a gentleman from Iceland
at the end of the second set
and the feeling was mutual.
through his broken english, his eyes said it all:
"it's otherwordly the way Eric plays."
and it is.

it's almost as if he were preparing for
the Lord of Hosts himself to come through in a blazing chariot.
it was as if eric were an angel
not one of those white cupid looking cherub angel babies
but an archangel full of power&splendor
in musical majesty!
you feel that Eric Lewis would score
the battle of Armageddon
as well as the dawning of the new heaven and new earth.
he plays with the invocation of something beyond
you believe in the realm of glory outside of the physical.
i would wager money that you've never seen this before.
i, myself, have seen him three times prior to this night,
and i promise each time is like
i've never seen him before.

it's almost scary
because you witness him play
and can't help but think
perhaps, no surely, he's not sane.
you wonder if this is what GENIUS looks like.
you wonder what his brain looks like.
you wonder what he sees as he pounds the keys,
or if it's just too blinding to the sight.
you wonder if his mental composing space
looks mad mathematical,
full of alegbraic and trigonomical equations.
you wonder if his fingers are on
performance enhancers or speed or ginseng or viagra.
you wonder if it's as beautiful and powerful and scary
to him as it is to you.

i don't know him. don't need to know him.
but i would freakin sit at every one of his shows
and just breath it in.
if i could...
(well, if i could find a way to make a living out of it!)

but i'll settle to check him out again
next tuesday.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

YO! 416 is almost in the building!!!

who knew me and BENEDICT XVI
was both holding down
in a real way!!!!

i wonder if he's as hype about his birthday
as i am about mine!!!

and ALSO
i did not know
that B16 played the piano
apparently, having a preference for
Mozart and Bach!

...hmm, i wonder if the Pope likes
banana pudding like me...

Sunday, April 13, 2008


phone fell out on the $50 cab ride home.
it's not the first time my phone and i have become estranged.
let's see if the Lord sees fit to bring us back together.

gonna keep calling it and see if someone answers and tells me where i can come pick it up.

this sux.

(ps. party was nice.)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

i walked into a burlesque show...

..on the 2AM Atrain from W4th to Far Rock,
performing in FULL GRANDEUR
with a full audience of THEMSELVES
(full of themselves)
a group of young boys, our boys
that could've been your sons and our brothers,
and maybe one or two gurls, real gurls,
(though all of the boys, interestingly enough, looked like boys)
not older than age 21,
swinging about the pole
(as in on THE POLE)

every pole on the train
hips jutted
arms flailing, wrists limp
sneakered feet in the air

swinging upside down from the hand rails
sashaying up and down the last car of the train
(which was quite empty providing the necessary performance space)
sloppily executing drill team/cabaret/stripper routines
with the savoir faire of, say, Jack McFarland himself
marching about
like that one young man i saw in DC two years ago
the drum major
not the drum major for justice
but the drum major with the high
heeled boots, see-through pants, purple briefs
(with white script across the arse)

and mardi gras mask tilted on the side of his face
whistle clenched between his teeth at the brim of his lips
loudly proclaiming in concert,
what'chall talkin' about... mmmm.. NUTHIN...
-then dropped to a mean chinese split-

(yeah, these boys ain't had NUTHIN on Ms.HIM.
that young la(d)ss was FIEEEEERCE...)

alls i gotta say is...
you ain't seen New York City night life
til you've seen this.

(i shoulda took out my camera and started shooting..
but, you know, it was enough for me to just have a mental shot
of the whole situation. cause i ain't gon' forget.)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

in the 1880's SIS WAS SERIOUS!

She's ZUMIGO the EGYPTIAN... born in Cairo. I got this pic in an email this afternoon.. but there was no info on who she was and how she came to be reppin' so HARD! I found out her name when I downloaded the pic, and google to see what came up.... I gotta run out right now, but I'll see what else I can find when I get back..... She look like someone I'd be getting down with!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

i'm expending a lot of creative energy these days..

and it feels good. it feels right. it's inspired. it's supported. it's needed. IT'S TIME.

I went to a children's book writer's workshop yesterday afternoon, so I can get back on point with ELLA... (she's on the way!!!)

Folks are really coming around with my RTD:Challenge initiative:
12 new experiences + 12 months= 1 EXCITING LIFE!
I set up a blog on wordpress and an official group page on The SoJournals.
So now it's just a matter of time before the handful of folk that are diggin the idea to start executing their April Challenges...

I've been officially invited to be a part of the Harlem arts scene by way of a ILLTASTIC lifestyle publication, NAT CREOLE DAILY! ...nat creole magazine features art/culture/life worldwide. And I'm happy to be getting down with their get down.. soon!

And a couple of other opportunities have popped up ever so fortuitously. As one of my sistafriends so poignantly shared with me: "I love the way you are always excited about what God is getting ready to do and not really what necessarily has been done yet...You look forward to life's opportunities and it is that spirit within you that makes you so refreshing." I cain't even help it, dawg... it's just the way I'm wired. And I prefer it that way.

....I seem to always feel like I'm on the PRECIPICE of sum'n. I'm ten days shy of my 29th chapter, and I still feel like I'm ON my way. Not quite there yet, but definitely can see progression in measurable steps. I do my best not to play compare and contrast against the next person's journey. I've often felt like a latebloomer though when it comes to a number of things in the human experience: love, career, simply establishing the foundation of my life in tangible form. The unfolding IS taking it's time. And that's not so bad.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

so, i mean, i had NO IDEA i was in the presence of a superhero!

but, apparently i was.
the story.


and in the words of Alicia Myers....

i wanna thank youuuuuu
heavenly father


is on the way!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

RTDC: ARE YOU DOWN!?!?!!!! (yes YOU!!)

So!! I shared the whole Road To Discovery Challenge idea with a few of you earlier today, and the question came up, "Is this something that's in development or what???"

Here's the backstory!

A few weeks ago I was chatting with the honorable Ralston Smith, founder and co-owner of GlobalEyes Productions, and he told me how he'd made a new year's resolution a few years back to do ONE NEW THING PER MONTH for that entire year. He said he ended up doing so many cool and interesting things (from sky-diving to seeing Jordan play with the Wizards) that it left a significantly meaningful impression on that year! So I DECIDED that even though NYE'08 is long gone, I totally wanted to challenge myself to do one new thing per month, from April 2008 to March 2009! Ralston said he would do it again as well, and suggested we get a group of people together who would be interested in doing this year long challenge, then chronicle it by any means, and have some great content to turn into a television series!!!

AND SO! It was from this wonderful conversation that RTDC came into fruition. As of now, there aren't any immediate plans to start off producing this as a show. HOWEVER, I'm am going forth with my own year's worth of challenges, and want to invite you all to get down as well!!!

I figure if we get enough people across the country/globe to commit to doing one new thing/experience per year and effectively document it along the way, this will turn into an awesome movement that can really BECOME (......fill in the blank!)

RIGHT!! So, here's the deal: If you are DOWN WITH THE GET DOWN then get your April Activity on deck, and once you're ready to EXECUTE make sure to have a camera ready (video/slr/digital/phone/disposable/whateva!) and journal the whole experience!

Let me know what you're planning to do and when it's going down! IF I can be there, then I'll totally come to be a part of the experience!! If not then send me your photos and stories and I'll post it up to a Road To Discovery Challenge website (a blog/myspace/etc that I'll set up for us)!!!!!

So tell your bestfriend or your brother or your moms or mentor or whoever, and let's see where the road ends up taking us....!!!!! (For my 29th birthday this month, mine is finally taking me to the top of Pier 40 to the FLYING TRAPEZE SCHOOL!!!)

onelove, livelife!



and i'm totally psyched!!!!!! SO! About a month ago, a friend and i decided that we were totally gonna do one new thing that we've never done per month for the entire year, starting in this month of April (my birth month of course!!!) SO! Since we are totally within the one-year time frame to get these new experiences in full swing, it's time to really get mi Activitdad de Abril ready for implementation...

and if i totally think back to one of my more popular postings of May 2007, i can already feel the adrenaline pumping for my April jumpoff....!!!!!!!! click on the link, and stay tuned!!!!!!