Sunday, March 02, 2008

And i walked to Canal Street tonight...

....from the Bradhurst Theater on 44th and 8th Avenue, after seeing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with african american acting royalty, James Earl Jones and Phylicia Rashad, and with Terrance Howard, Anika Noni Rose, Giancarlo Espocito, and Lou Myers, directed by Debbie Allen. But the reason I had to leave the theater and walk off my pure excitement was due to the adrenaline I got from staring Terrance Howard in the face and completely melting at the smile he pierced me with. I MELTED. I didn't have anything of relevance to say but "Hi....." with the doe-eyed-school-gurl-grin! AND HE KNEW IT. He knew I was melting. And I don't go ga-ga over meeting celebrities and actors.. I see people all the time, Stevie and Prince and all kind of others great entertainers, and am always very gracious and excited to meet them, maybe find something witty and interesting to say.. but I don't MELT into the school gurl crush!!!! (It's only happened one other time, when I met Andre Benjamin. Straight GA-GA. Nothing articulate came to mind or out of my mouth.) AND I DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just grinnin'. Terrance Howard looked at me and smiled THREE TIMES. And I just......melted. And said "Hi." Swooooon.... I had to walk it off! Who knew.... Terrance. Howard! word!

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