Sunday, February 17, 2008

Taking it BACK....!

So, they totally have the SANKOFA on the double-grand pianos that Ellis Marcelis and Harry Connick, Jr. are playing right now during the halftime all star show in NOLA.....!

Oh wait.... they have one on all the pianos I guess... cause there's another one the pianos of Dr. John and this other guy i'm not sure of his name, and the pianos with Art Neville and I guess that's his son, Ivan?

It's dope because the Sankofa symbolizes knowing where you've come from so that you know where you're going.... so they have the legends that paved the way playing with the next couple of generations of musicians....

Meanwhile, I LOVE JONATHAN BAPTISTE!!!! he's one of the youngblood pianists out of New Orleans who is sooooo talented.. met him when i was working for Spring a while ago, saw him again at the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival last summer....!

(oh for the record, i love HARRY CONNICK JR too... for years now. haven't met him YET, but he might be the only whiteboy i really have a bit of a crush on!!!)

anyway.... those Sankofa-encrusted pianos are simply gorgeous.

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