Monday, February 25, 2008

Sean Bell's little girl is awaiting his return.

Jada; she's only 5, the eldest of his two baby girls. and she recently mentioned to her mother and family members that she didn't want to move from their home in Queens in case "Daddy comes home." Her mother, Nicole Paultre Bell (who rightfully took Sean's name shortly after his passing) said that little Jada is really looking forward to him walking through the door, while their 20-month-old Jordyn was just too young at 5months to have any memories of her father or expectations of his return. Tomorrow the trial for the detectives who murdered Sean begins and Nicole will be there. I will pray her continued strength, because I can't EVEN imagine.

And for Vunies.

may we all weep softly for Vunies High, the 92 year old sister of boxing legend Joe Louis, who in here Alzheimer's state of mind, found her way outside of the assisted living center where she lived, in only pajamas and easily removable shoes. Because, it's seems painfully apparent, no one was carefully looking after her, she was found dead in an embankment of snow on Saturday morning with just one shoe on, the other having fallen off not to far from where she lay. For the sister of a cultural icon, or anyone for that matter, to have such a pitiful demise... it's a heartbreaking monday morning.

for Carine Desir

if THIS is not heartbreaking
i don't know what is.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conan's moving to LA :(

that means i have roughly seven months to make my way to NBC studios in midtown to get into LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN.


.if you're extremely elated about one thing.
.and extremely disappointed about another.

.do they (emotionally) cancel one another out?



.i was awake for almost twenty-four hours yesterday.
(it was necessary, and i learned a lot about a few of the people i love.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


"This transition ought to lead to free and fair elections, and I mean free and I mean fair. Not these kinds of staged elections that the Castro brothers try to foist off as being true democracy," Bush said.

In reference to the possibility of "democratic transition" in Cuba in the wake of Fidel's resignation.

(pot calling the kettle black....?)

Monday, February 18, 2008

whiteboy crushes...

oh yeah.. it was recently brought to my attention that i also have a crush on JOHNMAYER.
that's right... and i'm proud of it!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Taking it BACK....!

So, they totally have the SANKOFA on the double-grand pianos that Ellis Marcelis and Harry Connick, Jr. are playing right now during the halftime all star show in NOLA.....!

Oh wait.... they have one on all the pianos I guess... cause there's another one the pianos of Dr. John and this other guy i'm not sure of his name, and the pianos with Art Neville and I guess that's his son, Ivan?

It's dope because the Sankofa symbolizes knowing where you've come from so that you know where you're going.... so they have the legends that paved the way playing with the next couple of generations of musicians....

Meanwhile, I LOVE JONATHAN BAPTISTE!!!! he's one of the youngblood pianists out of New Orleans who is sooooo talented.. met him when i was working for Spring a while ago, saw him again at the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival last summer....!

(oh for the record, i love HARRY CONNICK JR too... for years now. haven't met him YET, but he might be the only whiteboy i really have a bit of a crush on!!!)

anyway.... those Sankofa-encrusted pianos are simply gorgeous.

the dream

began in a park. i can't remember which park it was, might not have even been an actual location. but it was one of those new york city parks with lots of greenery and concrete stairs... i may have been riding a bike, really fast, though i can't remember any particular destination.... it's a bit insignificant i guess, especially since i don't remember anything else about that part of the dream. so I guess it was like the onramp to the dream....

so here's what i really remember:

i dreamt that you&i were taking a walk-- one of our usual long walks, laughing and talking about everything and nothing at all-- and we ended up on a tropical boardwalk, maybe in miami because it seemed vaguely familiar (having gone there a couple of weeks ago). So we're walking, and naturally i'm really excited about something (only God knows!) because i've got you hurriedly by the hand like, "Come ON!!!" There were a lot of people around that i knew from HU, perhaps for a beach party or something. So we're making our way up the boardwalk and some kind of way we fall into the water. The water isn't very deep (it's deeper than 6 ft though) but you begin to panic, flailing your arms about like, "BLACK MAN IN THE WATER! CAN'T SWIM! BLACK MAN IN THE WATER! CAN'T SWIM!" And me, being the one who can swim (and recognizing that this isn't as dramatically dangerous as you think it to be) I position myself under you so that you're sort of on my back, and i WANT to say, "It's not that serious! just stop panicking, hold your breath and hold on to me!" but i can't because i'm trying to get through the water with you on my back! So you're finally able to determine that you aren't in any immediate DANGER cause i got you, and i'm able to get us back to the shore...

(Here's where it gets foggy) Somehow we separate once we get to the shore, and i end up at a part of the beach that resembles Coney Island, and not sure where you've gone so I make my way through the amusement park and get back to the beach. I'm a bit upset because in all the excitement of the day I lost my favorite red knit ballet slippers in the sand and the beach is closing shortly so the lifeguards are asking everyone to get ready to clear out, but I'd hate to just leave them halfway buried somewhere in the sand. So i'm looking for the red slippers while they're rushing me but I just don't know where to look. But i continue looking even though they're trying to rush me off of the beach, and then this pretty little chocolate girl about 8 years old comes out of nowhere like "HERE THEY ARE!!! ARE THESE THEM?!?!" And I grab her up like, "YES!!! YES!! THANK YOU PRETTY GURL!!!!" and I start to kiss her cheeks and hug her while she giggles in excitement at having helped me out.

So I slip the shoes on (of course my entire wardrobe changes as well!) and run across the street into the San Genaro Festival where there's all kind of lively lights and music and food&game booths full of people, and I go into a restaurant in the middle of the festival. As I pass the maitre'd he's like, "Um, Madame, may I help you!?" but I already know where I'm going. I walk to the back of the restaurant where you are sitting, waiting for me the whole time. Your smile is welcoming and returned by my sillygurl grin, and the maitre'd seeing that we are together, comes around to escort me to the table.

I woke up once I sat down to the table with you.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

michel gondry.

the mastmind director behind
the mastermind writer (andy kaufman)
of one of the greatest movies i've ever seen
(eternal sunshine of the spotless mind)
has also directed two of my favorite entertainers
-jack black and mos def-
in the soon to be theatrical release
Be Kind Rewind

in other movie news
the sexiest vegan in the world
is starring in the new Will Ferrell movie

if it's anything like Blades of Glory (which had different directors all together)
then i'm ALLL for it!!! I'll go anyway, just because SUNNY BRIDGES is in it!!!!
i love him!

Friday, February 08, 2008

i TEEEEEEMING with excitement!!!!!




but i can't talk about it
just yet.