Thursday, December 06, 2007

i claim to not be a morning person

but as much as i love my last ounces of last minute drifting (knowing that in waking up at 25 past the hr of seven leaving only one hr and thirty minutes to shower find something adequate and warm to wear catch the train i hope is not delayed and be in the executive office to get mr. lewis his coffee), i am really quite enchanted by the early rays of quiet sunlight that peek in each morning. its surprising that i'm even starting to look forward to these intoxicating moments, when i can't wait to say "good morning, Lord", when foggy state of mind registers that morning is tapping on my forehead. it's like the angels slice open a piece of honey orange flavored candy each morning and drip the gooey goodness through my blinds to flavor my walls. its what 'morning glory' is really supposed to be. ~416~

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