Monday, December 31, 2007

here i sit

again. on the edge. of a new year. not quite the same wide-eyed gurl. not quite the same big dreams. but still a wide-eyed gurl with big dreams, if it's all the same. and even with the minutiae of change, its always still the same. on this quiet eve, my sentiments perhaps echo those of twelve months back: feelings of gratitude to the Lord above for the blessings of a life well-lived without shadow of tragedy. i saw my family more than others sometimes get to considering we live on different coasts. i bore witness the wedding of my cousin to her beloved and greatly enjoyed, if not completely appreciated the experience of being a part of her bridal party (who knew). i put my warm hands on the full belly of a college friend just days before the newest love of her life made his introduction into the world as we know it. i read coach tony dungy's book, which has left the most significantly precious imprint on my life. i've assisted my own father in creating a [soon to be published] literary work that already is and will be a wonderful contribution to the lives of a generation of husbands and wives. and a dear soul thought enough of a dusty idea that i've had for years to put a spark under my pen and get the first versions of my first children's book story underway.

surely oh-eight will bring about opportunity to nourish the seeds that have been planted thus far. surely there will be more music, more dance. more singing in the shower, more singing on stage. more time to appreciate what i have now. less time to worry about what isn't. more food to eat. more lives to touch. more friends to love. more stamps in my passport. finally taking my flying trapeze lessons. finally got health insurance, let's go to the doctors!!! take care of this tooth that gave me a bit of grief this summer.... take care of myself in better way.

i really don't know what the new year has to offer, and what i will offer in return. but i do believe the nursing of wounded hearts back to health has run its course in oh-seven. so i will look forward, if nothing else, to enjoying what i do the way that i do it, and if someone becomes interested enough to take my hand and walkrundanceswingfloatpray&laugh with me along the journey, by all means you all know what kind of gurl i am!... i'm around.

and so. HERE'S to God's grace in the new year, and ALLLLL that it entails! SELAH.

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