Monday, December 31, 2007

here i sit

again. on the edge. of a new year. not quite the same wide-eyed gurl. not quite the same big dreams. but still a wide-eyed gurl with big dreams, if it's all the same. and even with the minutiae of change, its always still the same. on this quiet eve, my sentiments perhaps echo those of twelve months back: feelings of gratitude to the Lord above for the blessings of a life well-lived without shadow of tragedy. i saw my family more than others sometimes get to considering we live on different coasts. i bore witness the wedding of my cousin to her beloved and greatly enjoyed, if not completely appreciated the experience of being a part of her bridal party (who knew). i put my warm hands on the full belly of a college friend just days before the newest love of her life made his introduction into the world as we know it. i read coach tony dungy's book, which has left the most significantly precious imprint on my life. i've assisted my own father in creating a [soon to be published] literary work that already is and will be a wonderful contribution to the lives of a generation of husbands and wives. and a dear soul thought enough of a dusty idea that i've had for years to put a spark under my pen and get the first versions of my first children's book story underway.

surely oh-eight will bring about opportunity to nourish the seeds that have been planted thus far. surely there will be more music, more dance. more singing in the shower, more singing on stage. more time to appreciate what i have now. less time to worry about what isn't. more food to eat. more lives to touch. more friends to love. more stamps in my passport. finally taking my flying trapeze lessons. finally got health insurance, let's go to the doctors!!! take care of this tooth that gave me a bit of grief this summer.... take care of myself in better way.

i really don't know what the new year has to offer, and what i will offer in return. but i do believe the nursing of wounded hearts back to health has run its course in oh-seven. so i will look forward, if nothing else, to enjoying what i do the way that i do it, and if someone becomes interested enough to take my hand and walkrundanceswingfloatpray&laugh with me along the journey, by all means you all know what kind of gurl i am!... i'm around.

and so. HERE'S to God's grace in the new year, and ALLLLL that it entails! SELAH.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


eight days til the new year (exhale).

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Se la vie!

So though some found my cc apr information extremely useful, apparently not all felt that way because I was just called to the principal's office (HR), "reprimanded" and asked not to send empowering messages to everyone in the office again. Apparently it was inappropriate. I say if the info is life changing, take it and shout it from the rooftops! Se la vie! :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

might as well lower that mug!

Message to everyone i know:

So! As I'm sure most, if not all of us have personal credit card debt that affects our daily lives (and wallets), I wanted to encourage you to take a proactive step in lowering your current APR rate (unless, of course, it's currently zero then by all means, disregard)!

Today I thought about the fact that my zero percent rate was going to expire soon, so (just for fun!) I called up my CC company to ask if they would extend the zero percent interest rate for a few months. The APR specialist agreed that this was a good idea, but said he wasn't able to extend the zero percent rate for me. He DID, however, offer to look into the significantly low promotional rates and offered me a 3% rate on all new purchases, noting that there are rates sometimes as low as 1% and when this one expires I can ask for another low promo rate! So, knowing that the difference between having a 3% rate as opposed to a 10% - 19% rate (as most people have) or higher can mean a world of tangible savings, I thought I'd at least pass the information on to those who want to call their own CC companies and ask for the lowest rate and/or fixed rate available today! ESPECIALLY considering the significant amount of CC purchases during this time of the year!

OH! I know some of you have heard this before, which I had as well, but there's a big difference between knowing and making it happen! Word!! Anyway, Happy Holidays and here's to being smart about throwing money away on interest! :)



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

and why am i just walking in from the OFFICE

8:30AM - 2:00AM 17.5 tryin to finish a project.... (sigh) the only other option was to quit. and have the team of individuals leaving for austin a few hours to present the information i was working on SOL. and neither one of those seemed like the right option. thus, getting home minutes before 3AM. Lord, I don't wanna get used to this.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

i claim to not be a morning person

but as much as i love my last ounces of last minute drifting (knowing that in waking up at 25 past the hr of seven leaving only one hr and thirty minutes to shower find something adequate and warm to wear catch the train i hope is not delayed and be in the executive office to get mr. lewis his coffee), i am really quite enchanted by the early rays of quiet sunlight that peek in each morning. its surprising that i'm even starting to look forward to these intoxicating moments, when i can't wait to say "good morning, Lord", when foggy state of mind registers that morning is tapping on my forehead. it's like the angels slice open a piece of honey orange flavored candy each morning and drip the gooey goodness through my blinds to flavor my walls. its what 'morning glory' is really supposed to be. ~416~


Grey's Anatomy has me totally on pins and needles in suspended time and suspense.
i can't believe someone has written this. i wish that one day i write something that touches this deeply.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You'll be surprised

at what you are offered when you go by the IT dept JUST to say GOOD MORNING with a smile :) ...all i gotta say is that I'm looking for space for my new speakers!!