Sunday, November 25, 2007


The preacher this evening said that sometimes deliverance is attained through pain and suffering, sometimes through God's silence. It strengthens our trust and faith in the Lord, he said.

The introduction to Lamentations says the best way to survive grief is to express it, with others and God. Says that their is therapeutic value in working through each aspect of grief, hurt, sorrow, and fear. Says that sorrow and pain, especially as it relates to sin, is a part of God's discipline and has to be accepted in patience, with the realization that it will end when God's will has been accomplished. It's restorative, it says.

And still Jehovah Shalom finds more to whisper, as I am reminded of a praise song of the 3rd chapter of Lamentations from my childhood:

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
his mercies never come to an end
they are new every morning
new every morning
Great is the faithfulness, oh Lord,
Great is thy Faithfulness.

and the most comfort comes from my own father's wise sentiment of encouragement echoing from the page in a timely fashion:

Time is the main healer of a broken-heart. After acceptance and forgiveness (both are necessary), you begin to take control over life again. Each day you gain small victories in the healing process. Just when you are sure that you have gotten over it, something happens to spur a memory, a feeling and the pain hits you again. Don't worry. You are not having a relapse. If you loved someone, it is only natural that the pain of the breakup will reoccur from time to time. But, in time, it will reoccur less and less. Then, eventually not at all. You will be able to see the person without any pain, anger, disappointment or feelings of loss. Eventually you will get past all of the pain...

And so. I love the Lord because he hears my voice, my cry, and all of my supplications.
and answers abound.

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