Monday, November 12, 2007

finished JUST in the knick of time!


for brandy alexander and kashala erby alexander, on their wedding day—
10 November 2007

let's pretend your journey here
never quite began
pretend he never saw you, thinkin': man, she's kinda fly
pretend she wasn't digging
this cute, artsy new guy
pretend you both didn't feel that spark
when you really looked in each other's eyes
pretend that the total vibe wasn't a complete surprise

imagine if one of you had decided to keep it moving
decided to leave your meeting point
simply at—hello…
decided to pass on the slim chance
that maybe this chance wasn't slim at all,
but the onset of your opportunity
to welcome love for the long haul
imagine if you never resolved
that the two of you would get it RIGHT!
or if you allowed certain obstacles
to eclipse lifelong delight

you didn't get hung up on any differences,
but wrapped your arms around the sameness
tossing aside any preconceived plans
you found the mutual to embrace
and place in the palm of your hands

you found infatuation and ran with it
grabbed affection and danced with it
uncovered enchantment and basked in it
stirred up amusement and laughed with it
aroused passion and sang with it
discovered joy and welcomed it
captured adoration and cuddled it
exposed vulnerability, quite comfortable with it

took undeniable chemistry generating new life
to now establish this journey as husband and wife


aisha said...

i love it!!

Mai~Goodness said...


keep the gifts flowing. God bless you girl.

Love ya,