Sunday, October 07, 2007

ATL is all love...

a girlfriend from college turned 30 today and is 9 months pregnant with her second child. The baby, he's due in two weeks(!), so we been lovin'up on her big big big ole belly the whole weekend!!!!! There was the birthday party last night via stretch limo (at what is now my FAVORITE restaurant in Atlanta, Rare - Sorry R.Thomas, but don't sleep on the soulfood tapas! The tilapia & plaintains, and chicken & waffles were the absolute bomb diggety!!!) and a VEGAS STYLE (until she found out she was pregnant Kacee planned on having her 30th in Vegas!) BABYSHOWER today (don't trip! You ain't seen a babyshower til you've seen a Vegas Baby Shower! I told the planner she needs to patent that joint!), and a lotta laughin and eatin in between......

man, some folx forget that this is what life's all about....

gotta love it!


this weekend has further proven (eeeeeeven more) my desire, or lack thereof, to NOT have kids. i mean, i maintain that whatever happens (pertaining to giving birth) in ten years (or so) happens, but this whole inundation of babies and toddlers runnin around and pregnancy tiredness and bellies stretched to the max and kid conversation and finding out how often babies go through diapers, let alone how much they cost! My $.99 Cent Store-shopping-behind thought you could get diapers for like $5, Kacee laughed like, OBVIOUSLY you ain't got no babies!!!!!!

The kicker, though, was during the babyshower, when three moms got into this long dry drawnout conversation about their toddlers at daycare and the woes of them not being able to play with their lil favorite stuffed animals during classtime.... us three single gurls snapped out of our blank stares and promptly found reasons to excuse ourselves from the vicinity of the conversation! Like, "Gurl, do you need me to throw your plate away???" "Oh nooooo gurl, I got it! I need to get up and stretch my legs anyway! But THANK YOU!" and then we all three somehow ended up outdoors while one took a smoke... and I don't even smoke! HAH!!!!

but it was all love, and naturally BJ (Brad Jr.) got HOOOOOOKED UP! (as babies always do!) with his lil Puma booties!!!! Stylin out the womb!

Reality is waiting for me back in Brooklyn...... (yay.)
It's been so nice, but i really go have to get back to my life. figure out what is going on. find some progression in work and or love and or cleaning up my apartment before the year is out. 2007 has been real......... interesting.

ps i really ate waaaaaayyy too much this weekend... isn't there a bridesmaid gown i have to fit into in a few weeks????? (((yoinks)))


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