Saturday, October 20, 2007

and this is what progression looks like

I'm not even sure I believed that folx could apply to a job online at, say, and actually end up gainfully employed... I mean I know the whole network is set up in order aid and assist the road to employment and all things related. But as far as me and the way things have unfolded in my life, I've tended to think that submitting a resume on or any other employment search engine would yield a minimum return, if anything. More like tryin to find true love on, they say it happens, and people claim that they've found it, but I mean it's not for me. So imagine my surprise, when i get a random call from a company saying that they'd received my resume from Monster and inquiring if I was still seeking employment. Fast fwd a couple of months later and I was asked to interview... and three weeks after that, I've officially been asked to become the newest Account Coordinator for a PR agency called Uniworld Group!

Uniworld is one of, if not the oldest black-owned and operated PR and Marketing agencies in the country, founded by chairman and CEO Byron Lewis in 1969... i'll be working for him and execs in the communications and entertainment department. I'm pretty stoked... This is a very lucrative opportunity and I almost can't believe it's here, though I am ready. I mentioned it to a friend that's a bit older than me, and his response was "Oh you're going to work for Uniworld??? I know people that have been able to buy houses as a result of working for them!!" I said, I'LL TAKE IT! :D

God is good..... this has been a long time coming, but divinely ordered and divinely timed.

Between last Friday's evening of perfection with the honorable JG and this Friday's official job offer to a job that will change my life, and everything that has happened in between... this has been one of the best weeks of 2007. Word.


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