Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a yr ago today..

i went to chicago for the first time, with spring llc.

the next day we hosted the pop-jazz live tour at this swanky art museum by the water.

the whole ordeal was half/a dream come true, half/a nightmare.

i didn't see much of chicago and the next day i flew home.

you picked me up from the airport, waved goodbye to cheryl pepsii riley (one of the tour's background singers) and brought me home to brooklyn.

i may have made pancakes or something in gratitude for your thoughtfulness in offering to come from staten island to pick me up. (i was known to make pancakes fairly often during that time.)

after a while, you said yesterday was my birthday. which blew me away because we'd chatted "yesterday" and i didn't realize that it had been your day.

so, if i remember correctly, that means tomorrow will again be your day.

i woke up this morning in somewhat of a clouded memory montage- the kind that you see in movies.... the kind i used to be sentimentally joyful and foolish (read: happy) about, and i couldn't shake it. it made me quite teary for the first hour or so i was awake (which tends to happen less often, i suppose) so i laid there in a nostalgic mist.... guess i'll consider this sincere moment to be (in its own way) celebrating someone who's meant a lot to me in significant ways. it seems to be the most that i'm able to do, but i hope that a proper celebration finds you tomorrow.

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