Sunday, September 09, 2007

i'm in a complete reverie right now listening to al jarreau...

and engrossed in the websites of the two gentlemen I met tonight at
The Shrine uptown tonight...

Phillip Harvey is the publisher of Nat Creole magazine.
It's intoxicating (as is he!)
there are a few people affiliated with the publication that i know,
i've come to find out after doing some light research.
and so i've decided that
so stay tuned.

Jimmy Black is the artist.
His work reminds me of
only not. It's straight him, and I love it.
he also designs womens clothing.
i can't wait to wear one of his
original dresses!

I'm going to be a part of a
tribute to Fela Kuti
later this month!!!!

One of the queens, dancing and singing!!
a show produced by the honorable Joe Rodman
at The Shrine,
my new favorite uptown destination!!!

I'm so excited!
I LOVE my life.


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