Sunday, August 05, 2007

Today's spectrum of emotion.

the HIGH:

spending hours in the atlantic
riding waves like only a champion mermaid would
(save for a few boogie board wipe outs... but my body surf game
was NICE!)

flying dj uncle mikes huge psychedelic kite
(i'm talkin close to 1000 ft high!)

getting a free ride back to the city
then coming off the train to a dj playing
disco classic,
It's A Love Thang
(in the park across the street from my house
at 8'o'clock at night!
of course i dropped my stuff and
got my funky two step on!!!)

(those are some great HIGHS
wouldn't you agree
Ladies & Gentlemen!)


the LOW:

getting dolled up
(when i didn't really want to
cause i was drained from the day)
to meet a friend that
(@ least not by 1:15am
when i finally bounced.)

(sidebar: there are certain things that i don't wear that often
with the reasoning that i'd maybe like to wear them out
on a date with a nice guy.
but since i don't get asked out on dates by nice guys
-well rarely anyway-
i've started wearing them just when i go out period,
you know, things that i think
are particularly smashing.
tonight was one of those night.
thought it'd be nice to get DRESSED.
it was just waste of good energy.
the bouncer @ the establishment i went to
took the opportunity to point out that i,
in fact,
did not look as smashing as i thought,
but rather SKINNY
and suggested i not wear all black anymore.
so.... yeah)

the LOW #2

being reminded while listening to one of my favorite Wham! songs
I Think You're Amazing
that the person i think is amazing
very well may not think that i am just as amazing.
(and if so, isn't always willing to let me know
so whats the point,
i still feel crappy about it.)

i'm deliriously tired now and
am fading into a deep sleep shadowed by a high wave...

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