Monday, August 27, 2007

so in writing the vision and making it plain....

i'm planning on having Ella Phantz-Gerald: The Jazz Singing Elephant illustrated and published, then having a narrated/live jazz version of it recorded with a name-artist to correspond with the book release, then (or concurrently) have an animation version of it produced as a feature length film, then have a staged musical version of it produced on Broadway, then have other versions of the staged musical produced in different countries for many years to come (like Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof" which made it's debut in 1964 and is still touring the world and warming hearts in packed houses)....

THEN have a sequel/spinoff based off of Langston Blues's backstory...and start the whole process all over again!

THHEEENN have a 30 min cartoon series based on the adventures of Ella and Langston....

THHHEENNN pay off all my educational debt and buy that $million.7 brownstone across the street from me on Stuyvesant Avenue and post up! then buy my parents another house and my brother and niece a condo somewhere really nice :)

THHHEEEENNNN invest the rest so it turns into some REAL money.

and then really start doing what i want to do.
(which is live somewhere inside the music.)


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