Tuesday, August 14, 2007

if you think losing your phone is bad, try losing your daughter.....

message to nytano:

You know when i saw you in the train station earlier today I just happened to be helping this lady find her daughter she'd just lost! it was crazy cause i work at wfc and happened to walk down to wall and broadway for no apparent reason cause i never take the train down there right. and i was like dag, i gotta ride one stop up to fulton so that i could catch the A back to brooklyn. And the train i got on happened to be where this lady was like "i lost my daughter, we got separated at fulton...." so a couple of people were like "oh hope you find her, just go to the other side..." but she was saying its her second day in nyc and everything.. so i showed her the other side but she was getting all distressed so i had her talk to the mta worker who told her to go to the other side as well, and then i went down to the A so i could come home.. so then I see her down by the A looking for her daughter almost in tears walkin fast calling out to her, so i was like "Miss, let me take you back to the 4 train where you got separated.. i'll stay with you til you find her..." so she was all in tears and didn't know where to look, so i told her to try and call the daughter on her cell phone to see if she'd answer. the daughter answered and said she was sittin on a bench in the subway.. THAT'S when i passed by you, we were going down the platform looking to see where she was sitting... and she ended up dropping a bottle of wine she had bought earlier and was carrying in her bag on the platform and everything, but her daughter was down at the end, on the bench... CHILLIN!

hahaa.... so anyway, i made sure they got back to bk where they were staying, and it felt good be in in the right place at the right time...

so how was your day??? :D hahahahaaa



nytano's message back:

Yo, that is the craziest story. I had a feelng something was going on, that's why I let u slide with the quick wave..lol. honestly i thought she was crying over the spilled wine.. I thinking "damn" over the wine? But ok, crying over the kid makes sense. I had no idea u were a part time superhero, good stuff though.. u give hope to humanity, lol.

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