Tuesday, August 14, 2007

God really is lookin out for me when I ain't even lookin out for myself...!

so i lost my phone last night. AGAIN. at the Anita Baker concert (that changed my life, but that's another story)! i was on cloud nine, genuinely happy, wanting nothing. in my element and moved to tears in the thick of it all from beginning to end, three'hunnid'65 days of the yeeaarr, and when i got to the car, my phone was gone...

and i almost panicked.
but instead i started

Lord i need that phone back. period.
Please Lord, gotta get the phone back.
i don't know how i lost it, but i know you can find it.
period. show me where it is, and thank you.

and i was sittin in the car with June April
like, i gotta go back to Wingate field to look for it.
and she said, aiight we'll go but let me call it first just to make sure it's not in your bag.
she calls the phone, my phone doesn't buzz in my bag, i jump out the car like
gotta go find it, Lord. period.

so i'm halfway down the block when June calls after me like
WAIT UP! someone found your phone,
he called back i'm talkin to him now!
Officer Holland, he said he's by the stage now!


so we're walkin walkin walkin fast tryin to find Officer Holland
asking mad other officers if they know him, they're like Uhhh no...
So June calls my phone again and I see him answer, so I run up to him like
HERE I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!! and June runs up and gives him a big bear hug,
which i follow suit, and we have him totally embraced in a big thankful hug!!!!

Officer Holland said,
Yeah i was walking through the grass picking up trash
and i stopped right in front of your phone
when it started to buzz and light up!
So I picked it up and answered!

God is good!
I have my phone!
and Anita Baker changed my life!!!



Barbara Perkins said...


The Lord is good to you! You had better never leave Him. Thank you Jesus!

Sowing The Word Ministries said...

God is good and does always look out for us even when we don't look out for ourselves. Maybe, though, you need to attach a chain to your phone and the other end to your wrist.