Wednesday, August 29, 2007

doesn't this just sound like me!

formerly comparative musicology, is cultural musicology or the study of music in its cultural context. Formed from the Greek words ethnos (nation) and mousike anthropology or ethnography of music. Jeff Todd Titon has called it the study of "people making music".

i mean, thats what i do NOW... i run around new york city studying the musicians i love. i analyze how they play. what was different this time from the last time. what is his signature bass line? at what point is he going to go into his chicago style or new orleans style of playing on keys? if he's studied in ghana and he's studied in turkey, but they're both drummers affected by the style of max roach, then how will their own individual styles be similar or differ... what makes them GO IN (into the zone/ the pocket) like that? why is kompa, zook, and morna so infectious? when can i travel the world and find out what else is musically out there????



well... we'll see what happens...
(there's just soooooooo much to do with one's life!)


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