Sunday, August 19, 2007

the art of self-sufficiency...

when you can no longer call on
the one you'd normally call
to come and help you

you just figure out
what that person might have done
and fix the situation

so i broke my computer power cord adapter off into the power socket the other day... my laptop had slipped of my bed onto the floor (dont ask me how) right onto the side where the power cord goes in. when i picked it up and fidgeted around, the cord was basically severed and the piece was still in the socket. so now, i officially had 97% battery time left, but i knew it'd be draining fast so i turned it off and considered my options (none of which included calling a certain *someone for help). so i sat down at my desktop and thought, well what would he do anyway? which led me to look up the #s on the back of the severed adapter and see what i could see. taking the random series of #s i went to Google and entered them with my computer model, and wouldn't you know, i found myself right in his territoty: Ebay, with a couple of the adapters I needed being auctioned off...

fast fwd a day or so later, i needed to actually win the bid on my coveted adapter before i could do anything else... long story short, i again thought, what was it he said about bidding on here (cause i'm totally NOT the Ebay aficionado that i know him to be).. wait to the last minute and bid in the last few seconds... and wouldn't you know, i actually got the best low bid in at the very last second! i mean i cut it so close to the wire that i thought the auction had timed out before i got my price in, but nope! in came the email that i'd won the adapter!!!

the next step was to figure out where or who could get this piece out of my laptop so that when the adapter arrived I could plug it up and start charging again... I took it to BestBuy they said it'd be $85 just to LOOK at it (that was out!) I called a couple of other mom'n'pop computer places, they never called me back. I took it to the IT dept at my job, he didn't have a feasible solution... meanwhile, the adapter arrived within days and i spent the rest of the week just thinking about how i was gonna get the rest of the problem rectified.

so by friday night, i was like this is enough, i'm just gonna get the piece out myself... he's always fixing things, so i can figure out how to fix THIS... thinking, if i'm gonna have to spend $85 for BestBuy to look at it, i might as well give 'em sumn to work with (in the event i just made the situation worse!)

SO i grabbed a sharp seam-ripper, some long needles, and a couple of knives and started praying as i picked at the piece until it started to come unwedged out of the socket.. now it was NOT easy by any stretch of the imagination. i had to use nimble fingers to gingerly ease it out, and a couple of times i'd even made progress only to push it back down in there! broke the seam-ripper! got all kind of scratches around the powercord area of my computer.. but guess what....

I GOT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

so now as i candidly recount my experience (using my charging laptop)

i'm thankful for
observation and growth and learning how to
figure things out on my own,
in my own time...

now if i could just figure out how to deal with bugs...... YIKES :(
that, my dear friends, may take more than prayer (try therapy!)

*ps ...if you're reading this wondering how i've been, know that i'm doing well. silly-o-edamame eatin'-fraser watchin'-me. don't get as many text messages as i used to, but my verizon bill is probably thankful for that :) anyway....... ur in my thoughts (sometimes), and still positively affecting me in countless ways. so thank you. hope you're well.

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