Saturday, July 21, 2007

Twice this week

during two different conversations, two different individuals
have mentioned how LOWERING ones expectations
can save one from a lot of disappointment.

and though i'm not sure how
beneficial or detrimental
this would be in my own life circumstances

i'm wondering if the
of my expectations in this particular situation
(the one of which i'm always speaking)
will be the smartest move,

or will the disappointment
(from the lack of lowering)
serve as timely indication that i'm finally reaching
my breaking point?



Sowing The Word Ministries said...

Be careful of lowering your expectations...If you do, you will be in danger of lowering your standards.

cara said...

dang, i didn't think you were really listening to ME! lol
Do you remember who I said suggested that to me? Enuf said.

Your Daddy is right as usual.
You gotta have standards and you can't change people. If they aren't on the same page, release and relax.