Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Twice this week

during two different conversations, two different individuals
have mentioned how LOWERING ones expectations
can save one from a lot of disappointment.

and though i'm not sure how
beneficial or detrimental
this would be in my own life circumstances

i'm wondering if the
of my expectations in this particular situation
(the one of which i'm always speaking)
will be the smartest move,

or will the disappointment
(from the lack of lowering)
serve as timely indication that i'm finally reaching
my breaking point?


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hard day at work???

Watch THIS...
(i dare you NOT TO feel better!!!)


Sunday, July 15, 2007

the 13 hour turnaround...

got on the chinatown bus yesterday, took the longest five hours EVER to get to dc.

got to dc right in time to make it to the Studio Theater and into my seat before the house manager gave it away.

spent a very adultlike eight hours in the Dirty District that involved the theatre, dinner with college girlfriends at a trendy thai restaurant, going back to the hotel to act silly while we changed, making an appearance at the show after party (and getting caught up to speed with more old friends that i haven't seen in seven years), spending two hours looking for parking in the popular and over-populate Adams Morgan, then dancing with my three girlfriends til we were pretty much ready to go....

still amazed that Adams Morgan's cup runneth over with throngs of party-goers and lookieloos, i realized that at 2:45am I still had enough time to get back to 5th and H to catch the 3:30am bus back to NYC.... so we got on the goodfoot to get me to the bus depot.

and finally, at the end of my 13 hour turnaround (5 getting there, 8 actually spent there) i run right into Uncle G standing out waiting for the same bus to NYC... a bunch of hugs and "WHAT'CHU DOIN?"s transpired and i was immediately happy I'd decided to take this bus. Uncle G ran down all the wonderful things he's been up to and that he was going to NYC to get his mom and some family members together to go see his grandad down in the ATL who is turning 92 on Tuesday! Oh happy day!

Anyway... it's 9am and I'm back in Brooklyn, in my own bed and can barely keep my eyes open.

but it definitely was worth the trip!

Monday, July 09, 2007

on the ride in this morning...

there was a lil boy about 7 or 8 years old and he was riding the train with his mom who was about 6'1, and he himself was about to her waist or taller. so his skinny beanheaded self was just tall enough to grab the lowest bar near the subway doors, you know how it kinda slopes down on those cars where the seats are only parallel benches.. anyway. this tall lil bighead was able to stretch his skiiiiiiinnnny coffee colored spaghetti string arm all the way up to grab that bar and was just bobbin back and forth from the force of the moving train! and his lil skinny armpit was right in my peripheral line of view (which of course made me laugh) and he was just bouncin around like a cartoon, like Wilt except not red (and he wasn't wearing a Jersey... or have a rattling eye.. or one arm).

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

(sigh...) part 2

i went out to see if i could catch the show from my stoop,
but all i could see was the illumination above the trees
from the park and lining the block.....

guess i'll catch the last ten minutes on channel 4
while i get ready to BE at work by 7:30am tomorrow....

(sigh...) i shoulda followed my first mind

and went to see the fireworks that i can hear outside my window.
maybe i'd feel alot better than i do right now.