Sunday, June 24, 2007

nothin left for me to do but DANCE!

so i was out shooting an event at The Dance Theatre of Harlem yesterday and was delighted to meet the acquaintance of the lovely Ms. Marie Brooks, and thus inspired by her mere presence and subtle encouragement with few words:

Ms. Brooks: My dear how old are you?
Me: I turned twenty-eight on my last birthday.
Ms. Brooks: Ah Yes, I can tell! And are you a student here?
Me: No, ma'am. I wish I'd studied at the Dance Theatre of Harlem when I was young, but I'm too old to start now.
Ms. Brooks: Sweetheart, I am seventy-eight years old, you are young. And it all stays the same! You should come here and take classes. It will be good for your body and for your spirit...

Now, naturally I'm thinking: But you start ballet training at EIGHT not 28! But something in her eyes and her telling grin let me know that perhaps this is the right time to begin something new, something that I've always been drawn to. Anyone that knows me knows that I am always dancing. That's what I do, I dance. Wild and reckless. And though having somewhat formal, yet total non-classical training, I find that the motion of whatever music is surrounding me drawns me in and completely encompasses me without fail. No matter if it is a six piece band, a full orchestra or someone tapping an ill beat on a desk with their pen, when I get to moving, that's IT. I live to dance and i dance to live.

The cool thing is that JoeRodman has mentioned several times that since I now shoot for DTH that I should be able to take classes for free. So I guess I'll have to look into that and maybe start a regimine as a grown@ss ballerina! Wouldn't that be hot! LOL or hilarious..... who knows, but I love the idea of it (just as much as I love the idea of becoming a flying trapeze artist!) Of course there's the fifteen african dance classes being offered for free around bk and harlem that I never seem to make time for.... so since i call myself loving to dance so much I need to really get it together and get IN THERE!

Ashe, Ms. Brooks, and thank you.

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