Friday, May 25, 2007

and then there was today....

it's extremely warm out and i feel good
(duhn duhn duhn duhn duhn duhn duhn...
i knew that i would, now...)

i get off at 1p
and i'm gonna let the sun
kiss my legs for the rest of the day

then they're'll be

nuthin left for me to do now but

so i'm going to


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ok, so I'm almost two months late, but...

He was a master class in cerebral eloquence and audience command...
and may we all be inspired by the force that was

Saturday, May 19, 2007

wow... song lyrics be the truth.

One Day I'll FLy Away

I make it alone
When love is gone
Still you made your mark
Here in my heart

One day I'll fly away
Leave your love to yesterday
What more can your love do for me
When will love be through with me

I follow the night
Can't stand the light
When will I begin
My life again

One Day I'll fly away
Leave your love to yesterday
What more can your love do for me
When will love be through with me
Why live life from dream to dream
And dread the day that dreaming ends

One day I'll fly away leave your love to yesterday
What more can your love do for me
When will love be through with me
Why live life from dream to dream
And dread the day that dreaming ends

One day i'll fly away, fly away, fly away

Thursday, May 17, 2007

i think i wanna say STANK'YA SMELLY MUCH...

to Andre Benjamin for penning this one right here
cause i'm right there with him:

i hope that you're the one


you. are. the. prototype.

we'll tiptoe to the sun
and do thangs
i know you like

i think im in love...again
i think im in love...again

(today) today must be my lucky day
you are the prototype
let's do somethin out of the ordinary
like catch a matinee
you are the prototype
i think i
i think im in love...again
i think im in love...again

if we happen to part
Lord knows I dont want that
but hey
we can't be mad at God
we met today for a reason
I think im on the right track now

i think im in love...again
i think im in love...again
let's go...
let's go...
to the movies...

(come here)
(love, come here)
(uh huh, i said come here)
(come here)

i think im in love...again

girl, right now

i think im in love...again

i wanna say
i wanna say stank you
stank you
very much
very much
for pickin me up and bringin me back to this world
i been so...
i think im in love...again

i cant
im not
i cant afford to not record
i think im in love...again

i think i wanna say
i think i wanna say stank you
stank you, smelly much
i think im in love...again
for pickin me, for pickin me out of this world

i think im in love...again
i think im in love...again

i think im in love...again
stank you, smelly much...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A New Look!

so i've been tryin to work this
to see how it feels

(cause that
was NOT workin for a sis.....)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Mother's Day Carol

A Mother's Day Carol
from your favorite daughter!

On the 1st Mother's Day, my mother said to me

On the 2nd Mother's Day, my mother said to me

On the 3rd Mother's Day, my mother said to me

On the 4th Mother's Day, my mother said to me

On the 5th Mother's Day, my mother said to me


(left on my mother's answering machine)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Now, THIS is the kinda wedding I'm talkin about!

i don't know who they are
or how i ended up on their page
(while researching Mayor Bloomberg)
but i'm kinda looking forward to this.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Life is looking up! (or at least diagonal..) not that i didn't expect it to...

after an evening of getting paid to celebrate Dance Theatre of Harlem firebirds, groooving with Sir Arthur Mitchell in the process, briefly chatting it up with Sade Baderinwa, filming Freddie Jackson sing Don't you wanna Don't Don't you wanna.... Dance Tonight! (and subsequent interview), doing the bump, the butt, the tick, and the pepperseed with the gayest of them all (and by gayest i mean happy.. and well, gay of course!), encounter heavenly chocolate mousse in itty-bitty cones, and being hit on by numerous middle aged caucasian brethren (the most bold of them all repeatedly asking me out as he continued to win just about every silent auction item he'd bid on throughout the evening) (all courtesy of the honorable JOE RODMAN)...

and later on bouncing about between the Village Underground on W3rd (where Cheryl Pepsii Riley and company shared an open mic) and The Groove @ McDougal before finally settling into my ringside seat by the stage at the Groove and sitting in on a BobMarleyTune with the ones i love so much-- (the incomparables:) Rahj, Red, Komayu, Aaron, Eddie Zack, and Busta (not Rhymes, on bass)...

then LATE later on, sharing a feast of sushi (and musical tastes) in the Village with El Maestro Rahj..

i'll confirm that i really had the time of my life this first Monday of May. I wonder what Tuesday has to offer.....

meanwhile, I'm going to sleep....

Friday, May 04, 2007

even though i'm not a forty something-aged white dude...

i just remembered how much
i REALLY want to go
like as soon as possible....
(hopefully in Cyprus!)

in regards to dealing with boys....

i'm totally on the bench. i'm not even in the game anymore.. or at least until further notice.

s: I'm in the locker room changing to go home...

(from a conversation with a dear friend!)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I found my destiny @ the end of West Houston....

Ok... maybe not my destiny, per se. But certainly the road to a tangible dream inspired by a dear soul.

My day's journey began at Columbus Circle. Wondering if I am the only person in New York City who finds pure joy in the crystal sparkles embedded in the concrete sidewalk on 58th between 8th and 9th (when the sun is shining just so, the sparkles jump about tickling your eyes into the widest grin imagineable), I decided to walk. Just walk. I do that sometimes. I get in this Forrest Gump frame of mind and resolve to WALK until, well until I decide I don't want to walk anymore. Usually this entails walking from midtown to uptown, or walking from 23rd street to Brooklyn, maybe from downtown BK to 42nd Street-- you know, just walking. Listening to John Mayer or Cassandra Wilson. Today it was Ella Fitz, "Blue Skies" days, all of them gone, nothing but blue skies all the day long...

So as I walked down 9th then 8th Ave, stopping at WAMU to make a deposit (thank GOD), I decided to take 34th as far west as I could, which naturally ended at Riverside Park. Since I live in BK, my next move was to head south along the river. As I was boppin along to Ms. Fitz, I'm just takin in this view I've come to love: the Jersey skyline over the Hudson, Sista Liberty with her torched fist far in the distance, and bright, evening clouds bubbling over the City.. I got to Chelsea Piers and decided that it would be a good time to actually go in and see what all they have to offer, instead of just meandering by like I normally do. And what a wonderful mecca of athletic activity that place is. Although I didn't see very many brown children in there on a Wednesday afternoon (not sure if it's due to activity pricing or locale), seeing the throngs of kiddies playing soccer and training gymnastics led me to believe that there actually are ways to raise healthy, fully active children in NYC (for the record, thats not the only thing that's led me to believe this, but it certainly is the most recent example I've seen).

Getting back to my destiny... So I walked through the majority of Chelsea Piers and coming out on the south side kept it moving on down the yellow brick road (which was more of a grayish concrete and wooden walkway sans the crystal sparkles, but it's all good.) By now I was realizing that it's actually seasonably warm considering that it's early May, so i decided to take my sweater off and rolled up my pants legs to get a lil sunfire on my calves. Still leisurely with my stroll (wasn't really tryin to gain momentum or get my heart pumping, just needed the perpetual motion and music to soothe my mind for a lil while) it seemed as if I was passing through Lover's Lane as a number of couples seemed to have come to spend their wednesday afternoon entangled in blankets and hugs along the boardwalk. And I was feeling that. I thought, Good for them, (it was either completely sincere or completely sarcastic-- I can't remember now) and kept it moving. (That has nothing to do with my destiny, but I thought I'd throw it in to keep the story interesting!) (meanwhile, i really am gonna get to the point....)

So, as I neared the end of the boardwalk, I noticed a huge stucture behind a few water vessels, one aptly named The Queen of Hearts (who I could really relate to), and as I got closer I realized it was Pier 40. Now, I had no idea that Pier 40 was to be my destination the whole time I was walking, BUT as I was walking PAST the building i happened to look up..... and i saw THEM.

WHO?? You ask....

The FLYING TRAPEZE PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I looked up and I SAW THEM. UP. On the top of Pier 40. High above, I saw the flying trapeze artists swinging swinging swinging high above on bars and swings above, HIGH above, swinging and such... I saw them and I stopped. I just stopped and watched them. THIS was the place that had been mentioned to me by that dear soul back in December. This is the place whose website I occassionally visit just to remind myself how much classes are ($47 for AM classes $65 for evening and weekends- like I'd forget) and pretend that I'll have the extra money soon so that I can go. This is the place where I'd be training for that indispensible combo skill of high flying and graceful swinging (in case I'm faced with the opportunity to join Cirque Du Soleil)! I'd finally found it, happened on it. Maybe it found me.

So after snapping out of my trance I was determined to go up to the top of Pier 40 where the clouds were, just to get a little bit closer to the dream. So in my haste I went into the building and ran up the stairs, only to realize I was in the corporate office part of the building. So I trotted down and tried to take the elevator to the top level, understanding that the Fly Trapezists were ON TOP, but the elevator didn't go past the 2nd level, which is where I'd just come from.... I won't go into how I walked around the entire pier, up and down flights of stairs in various parts of the edifice before finally ASKING someone how to get up to the trapeze school. Once I asked, it was very simple, and something that I would not have found on my own. (It dawned on me that I probably would've saved a good 35 minutes if I'd just asked someone to begin with.... I did find out where to sign up for free kayaking, though- which begins on May 12th- as a result of being completely unable to find the entrance to the trapeze school!)

As soon as I was told how to go back through the field entrance, make a left and go around the ramp up the stairs to the top of the building and through the doors on the left (I would've NEVER figured that out...) I was up there in two shakes! Meanwhile, Ella was still swinging with me.. How high the moon is the name of this sooonggg, how high the moon though the words may be wroooonnngg... When I got to the top of Pier 40 I was swinging in my heart with Ella scattin' and the fly'pezers were swinging high above me!

I watched them. I wanted to get on, get in the mix, to get my swing on. To throw my legs over the bar and flex my arms forward with my tummy muscles to gain momentum. To reach as far back as i could in hopes of connecting with the swinger flying on the other bar coming at me. I watched them, swinging in ecstacy with Ella.

Today it was enough for me to just watch in wonderment and dream of flying. high. on that bar in the sky. at some point.

Yeah, I'm gonna do it.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I feel a strange kinship

to both Bridget Jones and Ugly Betty
my sensibility and experiences
seem to be a combination
of them both.

i feel that Nora Ephron is
my new favorite jewish