Tuesday, April 24, 2007

let's review the symptoms of pms and see if this could be the reason i'm an emotional wreck today?

weight gain nope

abdominal bloating check

breast tenderness nope

stress or anxiety (not that i'd like to admit, but i'll go with:) check

depression (AGAIN, not that i am willing to admit though the tears speak for themselves)

crying spells see above

mood swings mm not so much, my mood is moreso sittin pretty still these days

irritability maybe

anger nope, nothing to be angry about

appetite cravings i guess eating a carton of butter pecan over the course of three days qualifies

insomnia um, when am i NOT an insomniac (though this is not entirely true since i do find time to sleep, it's just when others are general out and about)

joint or muscle pain nope

headache nope

fatigue as a matter of fact, as i'm finally stirring from thirteen hours of sleep, i'll go with yes.

acne yes, but can this be attributed to pms or diet or the mere environmental filth of this city i love???

trouble concentrating i'll go with.... wait hunh? did you say sumn? i got sidetracked...

social withdrawal i think this is pretty indicative of my less than social behavior as of late

increased body tempertature nahhhh...

so if i tally up my scores, it looks like all of my symptons have to do with things goin on cerebrally... i suppose if i renew my mind and purpose/ sttttrrraaaaiiiinnn to focus on things OTHER THAN whats got me down --the remnants of unrequited love? (why must one continue to play oneself in the name of being true to the reasoning of ones heart?) unemployment? (why are these jobs becoming more and more evasive?) choose one--

then pms won't stand a chance in takin me on a ride..... ?

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