Sunday, April 29, 2007

i don't normally crave fried chicken....

but i was recently introduced to this wonderful lil' spot on the corner of 9th and 45th, attached to the kitchen of the tasty-yet-gloriously-overpriced Jezebel's, called:


That's right, the spot is called Piece Of Chicken, and just about everything on the menu is priced at a $1, starting of course, with your favorite piece of foul which costs one measely buck (no tax HOLLA BACK)!

and it doesn't stop there.... BBQ Wings $1.... Whiting $1... Catfish $2... Chicken or Fish Soup $1... Collards $1... (baked) Mac&Cheese $2.... Black-I'd Peas $1.... 'Tata Salad $1.... String Beans $1... Home Fries $1... TWO CORN MUFFINS (i loooovveee cornbread) $1...

and if you have a lil extra bread you can get BBQ Salmon for $5!!! but otherwise, you can get your whole soulfood jumpoff for under $5!! (I'm willing to bet that Piece Of Chicken grosses just as much if not MORE than Jezebel's....)

The best part about it.... and the sole reason why I'm even writing this advertisement pro bono, is because since my first taste over a week ago, I haven't been able to stop thinking about how good the food is. I was treated last saturday after a show, which prompted me to go again on Monday but it was closed. I passed by with a friend on Wed but opted for Thai, but by the time Thursday afternoon came around I was standing in line with about nine other people, black white and other, city workers and corporate suits, tryin to get my piece of chicken on... after about 15mins (there's no inside, the window is right on the street) i got a piece of chicken, whiting AND catfish, along with Mac&Cheese with collards and, of course, TWO CORN MUFFINS, and couldn't WAIT to get back to bk to devour it.... (meanwhile i can't wait to go back again :)

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