Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i didn't realize how relevant this would be two years later..



Everybody knows what Sam Cooke said about change— it’s gon’ come. And Brotha Donny urged that we take it from him, “Some day we’ll all be free.” Hang on to the world as it spins around, he said, just don’t let the spin get you down. Standing on the threshold of another year, I’m hanging on as another three-hundred-and-sixty-five worth of dreams and aspirations begin to spin themselves into my world. There’s an old adage that talks about yesterday being history and tomorrow being a mystery, but today is a gift “that’s why it’s called the Present”; a popular saying with saccharine sentiment but poignant value. In knowing that change is inevitable we should always strive for the spin of life, trusting the direction in which God leads, and bursting through doors that have opened up. One of the hardest things we struggle with during this spin of ours is the not knowing how things are about to go down, or how the story is unfolding. The desire to KNOW can become so pressing that it begins to have an adverse reaction on our psychological wellbeing. Folx get stressed which turns into the sho’nuff-blues because they’re on a daily grind, trying to get to the next, even when it seems the “NEXT” is not on the horizon. And in getting so close yet feeling that much further, the spin can definitely get you down.

Be encouraged to find the balance in being driven by the possibility of the unknown without being consumed by it. Use that hunger to drive you forward, but be sustained with what is at hand today. Talk to God more often, He’s listening to what you’ve got to say. When you pray, don’t just ask for the things you want, ask to be provided with what is needed: direction, resources, stability, favor. And trust that as you hustle, provision will come. Don’t second guess or underestimate what God will do for you. Be thankful that things aren’t worse and even more thankful when stuff really begins to jump off. And as your life gains momentum do what you can to help someone hold on to theirs.

The way I see

it was always made for me,

see I was chosen

to rest in this pre-destined destiny.

The quality of my life given was said

the moment my pop’s seed reached that egg.

Now if you would’ve read then you would’a knew

the same thing applies to you,

Mai word true,

We all got business to tend to.

See when you grab hold to your vision,

keeping faith in the One who’s risen,

elevating your mind so you don’t keep

trippin’ and dippin’ through these days in a haze,

Yeah it might get a bit crazy

but hay, we all about progression

up in this rhyme session.

And there’s no guessing

The Most will keep blessing

if you learn the lesson now.

So go on and get rid of that foul

so I can see your beautiful smile, chile!

You got work to do

and I’m right here with you.

16 December 2005

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