Monday, April 16, 2007

The Diary of Four:Sixteen

i think i'd like to speak about my affair with the number FOURSIXTEEN today:

The reoccurence of the series of numbers 4-1-6 (or any combination of those same numbers). I started noticing it about five years ago. i'd just happened to look up @ the clock at 4:16 in the am or pm and i was like "oh shoot!" i didn't anticipate when it might happen either, i'd just look up and it'd be 416 in the morning or four:sixteen in the afternoon. after a while i decided that those were the exact moments when God was winking @ me, letting me know that even in the great majesty of having the whole world in His hand, he STILL has his eye on me. yeah, God's winkin' his eye everytime i look up and it's 4:16. that makes COMPLETE sense to me!

i've sinced moved to new york city, living on my own, tryin to make things happen in a major way. and it seems that i have either started obsessing over, or am being inundated with God's winks because i am CONSTANTLY seeing the numbers 4.1.6:

416 on clocks
416 on taxicabs
416 numbered on trains (or 0416 or 4160 or 4016 or 4116 which aren't 416 but STILL)
416 addresses on random streets! (i PROMISE in nyc and in cali!)

i'm really not making this up, i see the digits 416 on a regular basis just floating around me. i don't know what it means anymore, if anything. if God is really tryin to get my attention, or just really comfort me during this point of my life when my immediate family is so far away...

and i thought it'd stop with just the random, yet significant 416's, but i can't help but think about the fact that my current address is 415 and my last address is 417!!!! (which means that 416 is the address where??? across the street!) COINCIDENCE... i tend to think not.

i'm just sayin.
something is going on, and i'm choosing to believe it's something positive and significant and wonderful within those numbers and what they represent... one major thing of course, it being my date of birth... which is why i'm documenting it on today.

i'll admit, i DO look for the foursixteens at this point, but wouldn't you?



Sean Greenbek said...

You must be living in a movie!

Mai~Goodness said...

every day i feel like a cross between bridget jones and ugly betty!