Sunday, March 04, 2007

an ideal revisted.....

(....i send this out to chuckg for breathing new life into
an ideal long desired....)

Contemplation @ Sweet Rhythm,

7th Ave S and Bleecker

florescent bulbs sway

from the blue-tiled ceiling

of Sweet Rhythm.

i’m lost somewhere

between a hum & some tripped-out fusion

playing over the lively conversation

of new york’s jazz scene—

caught in a midnight daydream,

plotting tall ambition

of how I’ll one day acquire

an enterprise somewhat like

this one here (or

maybe not like this at all.)

taqueist’s question

makes a hot circuit around my mind:

so what DO you wanna be

when you grow up…? he asks

four weeks and a few hours before my twenty

seventh birthday.


clair huxtable to someone's cliff! i say—


except i wont be a lawyer—

i'll own a venue

a'la s.o.b's or village underground,

where i can get a fix

of live salsa (or chips & salsa)

some groovin disco, perhaps a little gospel/reggae,

played on a continual

communal basis—

and all my comrades will have a stage

to call home;

and he won't be a doctor—

but rather a renaissance authority

holding court on the world's stage

or in our backyard…

i want to be mr&mrs hustleman

with mad income property and the likes!!

let’s SOLIDIFY the future of US (we’re supposed

to ensure these things when we grow up!)

& i want us to pay close enough attention

to one another…

(…& exist in the realm

of sweet romance like

overton&synclaire or

niles&daphne or

charles&his barbara)

surely i'll be a mommy

at some point, expanding the mind

of my little one (or my little tribe)

we'll go to the library

or the schomburg, or to summerstage

and shakespeare in the park,

take a holiday excursion

to see the other

six continents…..

damn! he says, i'm in love…

2 April 2006

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