Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Frozen Yogurt @ Four AM

so, it's like a quarter after 4am and i'm diggin headlong into a carton of Turkey Hill frozen green tea and mango yogurt-- i know, it sounded retarded to me to, but a) out of all the store manufactured teas available, i actually LIKE Turkey Hill green tea, and b) it was on sale when i had groceries delivered like a month ago, so i bought it and tend to actually enjoy it from time to time... ANYWAY. i'm savoring my frozen yogurt and meditating on the Psalms i've taped to my wall in recent weeks, because, let's face it, i'm needing the type of direction that young david scribed in earnest soooooo many years ago. and since i'm RECENTLY feeling like saying as little as possible regarding my current situation to the people around me (indefinately or for the time being), i'm really learning how to allow myself to trust God's direction even when that direction is causing more growing pains than joy unspeakable. but that's not what this blog is about... so anyway, in this real random yet totally sincere and concentrated way, i'm consuming spoonfuls of yogurt to resonate with the verses taped to my wall.

answer me speedily o Lord, my spirit fails.
for in you i do trust.
cause me to know the way i should walk
for i lift my soul to you...

i waited patiently for the Lord
& he inclined to me & heard my cry.
he also brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay
& set my foot upon a rock & established my steps...

my soul, wait patiently for God alone
for my expectation is from Him...

he steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,
& he delights in his way...

he Lord has heard my supplication & will receive my prayer.

you WILL light my lamp,
the Lord my God WILL enlighten my darkness...
the word of the Lord IS proven.
he IS a shield to all who trust him.
it IS God who arms me with strength
& makes my way perfect.

You WILL show me the path of Life!
in your presence IS fullness of joy!
at your right hand ARE pleasures forever more!

i'm sayin, for each verse taped to my wall was a yummy spoonful of green tea and mango frozen yogurt (who knew manufactured green tea and mango anything would officially be yummy). and for each spoonful was a yummy truth for me to hang on to at four in the a.m... before i knew it the carton was closer to empty, i'd probably consumed more scripturally edifying yogurt than actual FOOD in the whole of the twentyfour hours passed. ok, not wise or balanced AT ALL, but furreal, i needed sumn to lift my spirit.. and whats better than meditating the promises of God while eating spoonfuls of sugary goodness late in the midnight hour! afterall JULIE ANDREWS CONFIRMED that spoonfuls of sugar, undeniably, help the medicine go down in the most delightful way...!!!

****ok, ok, ok... i can already see people like cwj shakin their heads in utter disdain at my foolish practice of insomniatic-sugar-enhanced-gospel-meditations. sugar is the devil, he says. i know. thats why i brushed my teeth immediately and am now consuming healthy sugarfree water by the gulpfuls.


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